Press Release regarding my talk in Victoria Sunday June 2 at 6:45pm (click here for details):

In the interest of public peace and in the interest of the children and the basic rights and freedoms that I am trying to protect, I have made an official request to the Soldiers of Odin (SOO) leadership on Vancouver Island for them to stand down and not patrol the area around my talk on Sunday night. Although I did not make and never have made a request for the Soldiers of Odin to provide security for my event[s], they had announced their intention to come for their own reasons. Subsequent to the announcement from Conrad Peach of the SOO that his members would attend and patrol the event in order to protect freedom of speech (which is something everybody should want to protect), radical LGBTQ activists have organized a protest against my right to speak and have made it clear they want to deliberately provoke a confrontation with the Soldiers of Odin. They have even advised attendees bring treatment for pepper spray. I regard this as incitement to riot, and it is increasingly indicative of the behavior of radical LGBTQ activists whenever confronting ideas that are different from their own, even when it is somebody such as myself that identifies as transgender and is bisexual.

I have thus respectfully asked Conrad Peach to stand his men down in the interest of public peace, specifically because protesters have made it clear they want to provoke a confrontation. I am thus taking the risk upon myself. While SOO leader Conrad Peach has said he prefers not to let the terrorist tactics of the other side go unchallenged, he has said he respects my wishes in this regard.

Somebody calling themselves “Keira Lucy” started the protest (see attached screenshots) against my talk and has encouraged people to aggressively crash the gates, and to deliberately provoke the Soldiers of Odin. I want order and peace, and I am thus doing everything I can to create a safe and defused environment.

Public safety, law and order on Sunday night is now in the hands of those with the legal responsibility to ensure it, the Victoria Police. Sections 176 and 430 of the Canadian Criminal Code makes it an illegal act to deliberately disrupt a meeting assembled for moral or social purposes, which is exactly why my meetings are assembled. Protesters have announced publicly that they plan on violating the Criminal Code and are inciting others to do the same (which itself is a criminal act).

The Victoria Police have been informed that I regard all attempts to disrupt my talk as illegal; and I expect them to do their duty under the Police Act, not only to protect my rights as a citizen to speak, but to ensure the rights of those attending to hear me speak and be safe doing so. People have a right to protest but they do not have the right to protest either inside the event or on the property, that is illegal, particularly when it causes a disruption. I have attached below screenshots of what my opponents have been organizing and a link to video footage of their horrendous behavior at my last talk in Oak Bay, and a video on the inexcusably irresponsible behavior of Oak Bay Police in terms of handling the event ahead of time.

Thank you for your attention.

Jenn Smith

Video links:

Previous Talk and the behavior of protesters:

Investigation into the police stand down in Oak Bay where ZERO uniformed officers were sent:

Screenshots of Protest Plans for Sunday Night:


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