Jenn Ricky Smith is a 57 year old transgender identified activist, writer, child protection advocate, and graduate of Simon Fraser University (History/Political Science). Although transgender himself, Jenn has been writing and speaking on the dangers that transgender ideology poses to women and children since 2016 and for a time was the only transgender identified person in Canada doing public talks aggressively exposing and opposing the pharmaceutical transitioning of minors as well as petitioning government to either scrap or dramatically revise BC’s SOGI 123 program in schools, which he calls “Brainwashing 101.”

Jenn’s public talks and protest rallies have been a source of enormous public controversy with some of his talks being greeted by hundreds of protestors. Six universities and colleges refused to allow Jenn to speak on campus, including his alma mater, which made Jenn one of the most censored speakers in Canada. The University of British Columbia was blacklisted by the Pride Society and ejected from the 2019 Vancouver Pride Parade simply because they hosted Jenn’s talk on child transitioning — that event became a top story all across Canada and sparked a national debate on cancel culture and freedom of speech.

Jenn was also a key figure in the AB v CD case in which a father was forced to facilitate his daughter’s gender transitioning. Jenn was charged with contempt of court during that case for publicly naming the doctors involved (the doctors were protected by a publication ban), a charge Jenn defeated in the Supreme Court.

As a former foster child himself, Jenn was the first person in Canada to reveal the horrifyingly disproportionate numbers of children in government care (many of whom are indigenous) medically transitioning and being sterilized in the process, which ultimately what motivated him to begin his campaign for a national inquiry.

Below are two of Jenn’s videos and an essay:
Jenn Smith on Language and the Transgender Debate, Jenn’s Announcement Calling for a National Inquiry into Child Transitioning., and Jenn’s essay chronicling his journey and involvement in the AB v CD case:

Addendum on “Transnaturalism”:
It is worth noting that Jenn has founded something he calls “transnaturalism,” which is a form of transgender identity that does not deny or ignore biological reality and which rejects pharmaceutical and surgical alterations to the body in order to “affirm” one’s identity. Jenn operates under the presumption that gender is performative, whether you are transgender or so-called “cisgender,” and that your chosen or assigned gender role is one that you either choose to perform (consciously or unconsciously) or reject (consciously or unconsciously), although most people fully accept gender roles and will put varying degrees of effort and art into that expression.

Jenn has always believed in stepping fully into expression in flamboyant and unreserved ways (hopefully tastefully). For Jenn life is art, art is expression, and to express oneself is to live. You can express yourself any way you like in any role you like (although we exist in a society thus your fellow citizens may find you unsuited or unbelievable in a given role and you can either care about that or not). There is, however, no reason to untether yourself from biological reality or to ignore it or to ask others to do so. A man can never be a woman in fact, although they can be so in form and expression at least in terms of manifest gender. The sooner one comes to terms with their biological sex and accept that the better, ignoring it  or asking others to is really pointless. Be transgender. Identify as transgender. you do not need to appropriate the language and reality of the opposite sex. By not altering your body physically (surgically or pharmaceutically) you retain the ability to take on another role later if you like.  You may also discover as you age that being transgender becomes more and more difficult, and the problem with being transgender has always been that the moment you stop trying to be transgender you cease to be transgender. Transgender is a fire that must be constantly tended and kept burning, the moment you cease doing so that flame will go out and you will be left with nothing but your biological sex. Transnaturalism then offers freedom to move and express in different ways throughout your life, while at the same time respecting others.