Transgender public speaker Jenn Smith’s new public talk (contact Jenn here or on Facebook) is part of “Operation Toto” and is entitled:
“Synanon, SOGI 123, and State-Sponsored Social Engineering.” How transgender Ideology, the Establishment, and Big Pharma are Assaulting Freedom and Victimizing Women and Children.”

A public presentation on how government, media, and corporate power/big pharma are manipulating information and minds, while assaulting democracy and victimizing women & vulnerable children. It includes a call for provincial and national inquiries into the medical transitioning of children and adolescents.  Jenn will examine the power dynamics driving the transgender movement, the propaganda used by the state and the media, and how SOGI 123 is contributing to the destruction of vulnerable children. As a former foster child in BC, Jenn also focuses on the particular danger all of this poses to foster children.

The presentation is also designed to unpack for the audience the methodologies of mass mind manipulation that have been used in this debate. He will look not only at how Hollywood and the media have manipulated public perceptions, but will look at little known facts about intelligence infiltration and manipulation of the media and social media and raises question about how this might relate to the transgender debate.
As Jenn has said, this about more than transgender issues and about more than the destruction of vulnerable kids, it is about pulling back the curtains of power and exposing mechanisms of mass manipulation that threaten not only truth but democracy itself.

If you would like to sponsor Jenn talking in your town, please contact Jenn by clicking on the contact link above.

In the meantime please check out my latest video:

The Erosion of Freedom: How Transgender Politics in School and Society is Undermining Our Freedom and Harming Women & Children.”

The talk is a Jenn Smith/Steward Production and is currently co-sponsored by the Canadian Christian Lobby.

Below are the details of Jenn’s last talk. Stay tuned for more information.

(Please see restrictions and legal issues at the bottom of this page).
This talk contains mature themes and is not intended for children, youths, or those with gender dysphoria. This talk is designed as an analysis of laws, policies, and programs that jeopardize some of the most important rights and freedoms in our society, which includes startling techniques designed to shut down all opposition to official policies. This is a sensitive issue, but Jenn is transgender himself and thus tries to approach all issues in a sensitive but honest way. Some of the issues addressed threaten financial and other elite interests — as such a concerted effort has been made to mischaracterize the presentation. Despite attempts to totally misrepresent the content, the City of Oak Bay had a legal review which determined that the presentation did not contain anything that could be called hate speech.

(To support the free information sessions and other efforts to raise public and political awareness, please go to Jenn’s GoFundMe page by clicking here and donate whatever you can, all money will go to funding facility rentals advertising, and other costs associated with spreading the message.)

This is your chance to learn everything your government and the media is keeping from you and why you should be concerned.

Ten Minute Promo Video: click here.
Freedom Free For All news coverage of the May 2 Victoria Event that enemies of free speech got shut down using fascist (literally) tactics (normally events are quite calm): click here. A follow-up story that looks at an apparent setup and coverup designed to silence Jenn’s talk in Victoria and prevent his information coming to the public is located clicking here.

Confirmed dates for BC:

August 1, New Westminster, Queensborough Community Centre 920 Ewen Ave, V3M 5C8. 6:30pm-8:30pm + q&a. $5 minimum donation at door; protesters not permitted inside.
Due to previous disturbances protesters will not be allowed inside and Canadian law prohibits you from protesting inside.  Section 176.1 (2 and 3) of Canadian Criminal Code prohibits disturbances or protesting on the property. It also prohibits interfering with the coming and going of attendees; Section 430 also applies. See Restrictions at the bottom of this page.

August 18, Abbotsford, Abbotsford Social Activity Association building, 33889 Essendene Ave. from 6:30pm-8:30pm + q&a.

Pending BC dates:

Burnaby, Chilliwack, and Richmond.

Pending Canada Dates:
Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto.
Seeking sponsors for Regina and Winnipeg, as well as other cities for late September and early October.

Recent talks:

May 29, 6:30pm-8:30pm (Note: this is a private meeting for adherents of the faith and invitees only; if you are a Christian and wish to attend please contact us) Surrey Pentecostal Assembly, 16870 80 Ave, Surrey, BC.
June 2, 6:45pm, City Light Church, 550 Obed Avenue, Victoria, BC. All sections of 176 apply to this venue.
June 8, New Westminster (Public Meeting), cancelled by enemies of free speech.
June 15, Langley (Public Meeting), cancelled by enemies of free speech.
June 23, Vancouver, University of British Columbia (Public Meeting), 220 Main Mall, Earth Sciences Building Room 1013. 6:45-8:45pm plus q&a.

Talk points in brief:

  • Transgender people are human beings deserving dignity and respect; Jenn’s lived experience as a transgender person in brief.
  • The use of propaganda and information strategies by the media and government to manipulate public opinion.
  • An analysis of mental health studies related to the trans community and how it is our most vulnerable youths that are falling for transgender ideology.
  • Brainwashing in schools via SOGI 123 and other resources, the destruction of parental rights, and an exploration of related totalitarian laws that are being used by the state to enable children to transition against their parents’ wishes and criminalize any parents that fail to comply.
  • How current school policies and best practice recommendations in SOGI 123 threaten the privacy and sports of girls in school.
  • An overview of how “experts,” science, and medicine are being corrupted from the top down by big pharma and other vested interests.
  • How emotional blackmail and distorted suicide references are being used to scare parents and the public into surrendering common sense.
  • How current transgender activism and laws are threatening free speech, freedom of conscience/religion, and democracy.
  • A question and answer period designed to clarify the issues discussed.

Detailed description:

This free talk will be given by Jenn Smith (click on Jenn’s name to see a professional biography), a transgender identified political and social critic, writer, and activist with degrees in history and political science.  His popular essay Synanon, the Brainwashing “Game” and Modern Transgender Activism: The Orwellian Implications of Transgender Politics which explored the more cult-like aspects of transgender ideology, has been downloaded tens of thousands of times and read by people all around the globe.

Jenn’s talk will examine the logical, educational, moral, financial, and democratic failings of modern transgender ideology and politics, and how it endangers women, children, and free speech. One must be immediately careful though, because there is a difference between transgender people, and transgender ideology; transgender people (and Jenn is a transgender person) are no more dangerous than any person, it is transgender ideology that will be examined in terms of the implications and dangers it poses to women’s rights, and, more specifically, to the psychological and physical well-being of our children. Smith also believes transgender activism and ideology constitutes a threat to our modern concepts of democracy and free speech, although the primary focus is on our children and what is happening in our schools.

Excerpt from a previous talk:

Smith will illustrate all of these points in the talk, and will explain how laws currently extent now allow for children to be medically transitioned (involving highly toxic puberty blockers and synthetic hormones) to the opposite gender (or “sex”) not only against the will of their parents, but even without their knowledge. When parents do discover transitioning has begun, they have no power to stop it and any attempts to do so can result in charges of “family violence”, large fines or jail time. This underscores a legislative failing that needs to be addressed, but before it can be addressed it needs to be discussed, which is part of this talk’s purpose.

Smith has been involved in this debate for a couple of years now, and has become fairly well-known by activists on both sides of this debate globally. The talk is not intended for young children or persons with gender dysphoria, and Smith recommends parental guidance for this event. There will be a question and answer period at the end of the talk to address issues.

The mental health aspects of transgender identity will be addressed in a respectful way, but again this talk is not recommended for transgender youths or persons with severe dysphoria. This talk is designed for parents, adults, and all those interested in freedom of speech and the direction of our society.

This talk is not designed to disparage transgender people. The focus is on transgender ideology or the philosophy being pushed by transgender activists., as well as the laws and programs being implemented. No hatred or disparagement of transgender people as human beings will be tolerated.

Andreas Paller will be MCing my non-Church Lower Mainland talks, running the Q&A, and making sure troublemakers mind their manners. We want everybody to be polite and respectful. 

For those wishing to sponsor or host a talk, be aware that Smith has two talks: one for a general secular audience and one for a Christian audience that addresses issues specific to that faith in addition to the primary content. Talks that are identified as “Public” talks are open to everybody respectful.

Talks identified as “Christian Focused” are designed specifically for Christians and their friends. As there have been problems in the past with non-Christian activists attending and making snide comments and laughing at sacred themes, only Christians and “adherents of the Faith,” and those specifically invited to attend should be there. Christian focused talks are protected by the Canadian Criminal Code against unwanted intrusion and disruption. It is a criminal offense to disturb the solemnity of a religious-focused gathering.

Restrictions and Legal Issues Regarding Conduct. Protests only legal off property and if no laws are violated (s.173 and s.430 included):
Placards and signs are not permitted into talks because they are distracting and can block the view of others. The talk is copyright/proprietary, thus this is a no audio or video recordings permitted event (without express advance authorization), and photographs are not permitted either without permission as some people do not wish to be photographed and we are thus respecting their privacy. Media should be aware that these policies apply to them as well, thus advance permission is required for any film or photos or audio. Video of the event will be done for security / law enforcement reasons only in order to keep everybody accountable for any illegal behavior. No food or drinks permitted. No backpacks or noise devices.

Church events are protected by Section 176 of the Canadian Criminal Code against disturbances. As these meetings, including non-Church meetings, are held to address important social and moral issues, 176(2) also protects non-Church events against disturbance.
All meetings are protected by Section 430 of the Canadian Criminal Code as well as section 176.
All attempts to disturb this talk will result in charges against those committing the disturbance.
Protesters have a right to protest but NOT on the property and they cannot interfere with the coming and going of people to an meeting assembled for social or moral purposes, which this meeting is. Freedom of speech and freedom of assembly/protest does NOT give anybody the right to disrupt a meeting assembled for social or moral or religious purposes.



11 thoughts on “Jenn Smith’s Live Talk Summary

  1. i HeIIo Jenn,
    this is the first time i have written in a forum.
    To note i have gay friends and have been to pride festivaIs as weII as been invoIved in nightIife where you come across aII kinds of peopIe and acceptance is a big part of the cuIture, just to cIarify upon any homophobic gasIighting/cencorsip against what im trying to express.
    The reason is that in the past months i have started to become aIarmed by aII this Igtbq propaganda…
    At first i was amazed at the companies using the rainbow fIag in such a mainstream way during the pride week, that onIy made me think in the back of my mind that that IeveI of “acceptance” from their side was a bit strange and suspicious from a capitaIistic point of view…
    Then as time went by with aII these things popping in front of you on the web even without you wanting to see this information about transgender teens coming out, gender fIuidity, then siIencing of peopIe who did not want to accept the aIteration and cencorship of Ianguage or to conform to deception, then passing of drag story time, chiIdren to not be caIIed boy or girI , even parrents being parent 1 and 2….. and aII the other stuff that is happening rapidIy and escaIating…
    Something didnt seem right, you dont have to be a scientist to aknowIedge that, you get a gut feeIing at first…
    Then i got interested to read about what is going on, how can this be happening and what does it mean.
    First of aII i think as a woman there hasnt been this much fuss or progress in many issues that women face daiIy stiII to this day so that men who feeI Iike women are with such might demanding their rights….as women.
    For me an importan issue wouId be to tackIe the beauty roIe modeIs which are forced upon women and cause so many probIems to their seIf esteem and in reIations between men and women , cause in the end as you were stating somewhere eIse men are more suceptabIe to theese sexuaIized images by nature so they become brainwashed and arent pIeased with “normaI” women…. Then again it probabIy has gone to the extent that they themseIves are getting more confused and want to be Iike these images they are bombarded with.
    This is a Iot easier to happen nowadays of course due to the form and structure society and famiIies have undertaken in the Iast decades.
    Anyway i wont continue on the obvious anymore, you have in another post of yours expIained many things as cIear as possibIe and very cIose to my thoughts on this whoIe matter, with facts that state the truth aII of a sudden no one wants. THIS deniaI of truth is the scariest part!!
    The onIy thing fIuid is peopIes stupidity. No one askes why, no one remembers history , no one trusts themseIves and nature. It is outrageous.
    I wouId Iike to ask what you think about the reaI motives behind this, i mean besides greed from cosmetics companies and pharmaceuticaIs. There is some taIk about wanting to normaIise aII kinds of previousIy not accepted openIy sexuaI behaviours Iike pederasty…
    Of course to controI popuIation by dividing and confusing peopIe from what they eat to how they identify, they are tearing appart any form of connection humans have had for thousands of years right before our eyes.
    This pIan obviousIy is going on for Iong, now there is just a rapid escaIation .
    Do you think there can be anything to do with intergenerationaI abuse? CuIts of the past redesigning themseIves for the current times? I came across this , seems pretty much Iike what is happening now with parents giving up their chiIdren to this hoax .
    What is up with this showbiz-ceIebrity-royaIty trans domination and deception ? Today it is more scary cause you can do this
    There are other forms of chiId abuse that shouId be combated but how can that be done if we go to this extreme, those wiII seem Iike nothing or normaI.
    By, these extremist trans- peopIe haters, taking over the LGBTQ movement cIearIy a hatred and targeting towards gay peopIe arrises from their side as weII as they wiII cause the generaI popuIation to hate aII the LGB peopIe up to the T because they Ieave them out of this protective waII they are rising around themseIves
    And as you have stated in your other articIe it seems more as if it is gay “treatment” as in the case of
    Be proud of yourseIf with the strenth you have after aII you have been through to speak your mind about the truth.
    Greeting from finIand


    1. I wrote an entire essay on what I think is going on that really put me on the map in this debate, that was my Synanon essay which has been downloaded tens of thousands of times and just continues being read today. It resonated with a lot of people because I was actually willing to speculate on the big picture. Most of my speculations from a couple years ago are still valid but actually seem too tame now. Keep in mind when I wrote my Synanon essay I had just entered the debate at an intellectual level, I had not yet immersed myself into political activism and been classified “a potential troublemaker” by my government. So I know a lot more now than I did then. I believe we are seeing what the military calls a “psyop,” and I believe we are dealing with megalomaniac elites that believe they are making history by reshaping the western world. I cannot prove any of this but I am convinced of it never the less. I cannot even write all the things I think are going on because most people do not have the informational foundation to even conceive of it, and there are certain things that shall not be spoken and certain doors that shall not be opened or you will find the Eye of Sauron on you very quickly.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. A. R. T. (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) is using the corporate funded LGBTQ… Z lobby as a smokescreen.

        The real aim is corporate control over reproduction. When SSM was legalized, a rash of issues emerged:surrogacy, three parent engineering, egg extraction, sperm donation, embryology .

        ‘Gestational surrogacy’ where a women is implanted with the embryos of another or several other women is how wealthy gay men (or not, its the money that counts) these days reproduce. After SSM the rates of surrogacy went up 250%. In India, surrogacy – womb prostitution – is seen as preferable to actual prostitution, so it was allowed. But rich white gay males were showing up in such numbers that a, law was brought in denying the’service ‘ to foreign couples.

        Nothing is ever said about the process – the women is heavily injected with immunosupressants, as her body would otherwise spontaneously eject foreign implants. When the gestation succeeds and she finally gives birth the baby is immediately removed from her and handed to the ‘intended’ parent while her body remains in a post – partum condition designed to immediately care for the baby (like lactation).

        I could post much more on this, but it would be too lengthy.

        Suffice to say the key to all this social engineering lies in understanding that eugenics is back with a vengeance.

        Now it is called reprogenics and the ‘master race’ is instead being ‘manufactured’ through genetic selection (catalogues of egg donors – attractive young women – are offered to male intended parents to select from).


  2. It’s to destroy the nuclear family,
    Mom, dad, sister and brother.
    It’s the one unit carried over from nature that the social engineers find an impediment to achieving Complete control over the individual
    In other words who do you trust more, family or government?
    As for the eugenics part, that’s just a bonus if we hand over our breeding arrangements to the state. The rich will always afford the better genetic options for theirs and the general populace will generation after generation diverge and not keep up with these well bred leaders.
    They already think us inferior , but now they have the means to make it so.


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