The decision of Douglas College to cancel my talk there this weekend should be startling to everybody. As a former student of Douglas College before going to Simon Fraser University, it did not even occur to me that they might cancel my talk since academic institutions are supposed to be bastions of free speech. It is with some great disappointment that I am forced to concede my former college lacks courage and no longer supports free speech.
What we are seeing today is a complete collapse of freedom of speech, while the institutions traditionally tasked with protecting free speech completely abrogate their responsibilities. The media and our institutions of higher learning are now complicit in what is essentially a quasi-fascistic attempt to silence all dissenting views on a subject that involves not only women’s rights, the well being of our most vulnerable children, but freedom itself, hence the title of my talk.
I cannot adequately respond to the liars in the LGBTQ activist community who insist on defaming and misrepresenting my presentation. The City of Oak Bay did a legal review of my presentation and determined it was not hate speech, and I am still being silenced. The media and Douglas College should be ashamed of themselves, and as somebody that identifies as transgender that has been a part of the LGBTQ community as a bisexual as well, I am embarrassed that a community that relied heavily on freedom of speech to achieve the rights they have now, are now trampling the rights of others, including a bisexual transgender person such as myself. Douglas College completely collapsed to pressure from LGBTQ activists without so much as a courtesy call to the speaker they were arbitrarily cancelling simply because activists disagree with me and are making false charges about me.

Let me also say that I am extraordinarily upset with the media who continues to imply through careful wording that I am not transgender (which I address here), I regard this as an act of hatred against me. The LGBTQ activist community is also engaging in acts of hatred, harassment, and bigotry towards me.

To my friends in the Christian Church, they are coming for your rights and forcing you to submit. Will you submit? I am a bisexual trans and am willing to stand up with you for your rights, are you willing to stand with me?

Jenn Smith

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