By Jenn Smith.

My critics have a great deal of difficulty addressing my arguments. They find it much easier to attack my identity. Instead of just respecting my identity, as they claim to be all about, they have spent over three years relentlessly attempting to strip me of my transgender status by using a faux “no true Scotsman” argument that totally ignores accepted definitions of what transgender is. So let’s answer this question once and for all using definitions of trans by leading LGBTQ organizations and activists.

Jenn Smith:

  • First began experimenting with transgender behavior at around 9 years of age or so.
  • Because of social stigma he was forced to move back and forth between expressing masculine and feminine. This pattern became normal in time, although he spent a long period trying to go “straight” but ultimately returned to expressing in transgender ways.
  • Has freely admitted that the closest term that captures his identity is bigender (a term which falls under the transgender umbrella), but he ultimately rejects this label because it does not capture his understanding of himself. Jenn thus does not identify as bigender, but simply identifies as transgender. His understanding of being transgender is more philosophically nuanced than any sub-label could capture, although he regards that as a personal thing. Suffice it to say he obviously expresses in transgender ways, wearing clothes and makeup traditionally designated for women (although even when wearing a skirt and heels he will use the men’s room, and notes he as never been attacked).
  • He believes that being transgender is an internal identity that has nothing to do with how you dress, although it can manifest in that way. It is a state of mind and a pattern of behavior, not a physical state of being. Jenn’s identity does not change depending on what clothes he is or is not wearing. Smith regards encouraging kids to think being transgender is anything other than a state of mind and pattern of behaviors is dangerous. “We must at all times remain tethered to physical reality; and the physical reality in this case is that men cannot be women (and vice versa), no matter how much they pretty themselves up. They can live and express any way they want, but they cannot force others to surrender physical reality, because that is selfish and dangerous to both women and children, and increasingly towards freedom itself.”

Transgender Definitions:

Transgender is understood to be an umbrella term that encompasses all kinds of gender identities. My critics frequently bypass this fact completely and instead say things like, “you have no right to speak because you are not transgender and are just a crossdresser.” Such dishonest attempts to fallaciously strip me of my identity can be revealed for their insincerity by analyzing just how the LGBTQ community defines transgender in all cases except with me. The denial of my identity is a political ploy designed to diminish my voice.

It should be noted immediately that I reject the terms “crossdresser” and “transvestite”in reference to myself,  because they have only ever been directed at me as insults designed to imply that I’m nothing more than a sexual fetishist, which I am not. Like most human beings I have  been a sexual creature, but my sexuality does not either define nor negate my identity. Despite respectful requests for LGBTQ activists to stop using those terms to describe me, they repeatedly and viciously use them to insult and demean me. Morgane Oger, who claims to be a champion of transgender rights and respecting identity in BC has repeatedly and insultingly used demeaning attacks on my identity despite polite requests for Oger to stop.






The transgender umbrella.

Here are some of the visual umbrellas created by major LGBTQ groups in order to help people understand what transgender means and who is transgender.



trans umbrella
Note that even if we accepted my opponents’ insulting references to my identity, “crossdresser” and “transvestite” are considered as being under the transgender umbrella. Thus saying I am not transgender is like saying I am not a Canadian because I live in British Columbia not Ontario.

Bigender too is under the umbrella.


And here are some popular written definitions from major sources, some by those that reject my identity themselves, which shows the depth of their dishonesty and hypocrisy. The only way I can be stripped of my identity as transgender by my opponents, is by engaging in cognitive dissonance (believing two contradictory things at the same time) or by saying all of these definitions are invalid:


trans-sogi copyb




I hope that the reader is clear now that even by the definitions provided by my staunchest critics, I am transgender. In closing I would remind everybody to focus on the GENDER portion of transgender, which if understood properly will get us back to reality:


Gender is in the mind. Sex is coded in every cell of your body and cannot be changed. I am transgender. Anybody can be transgender and it is okay. What I am not and what I can never be no matter what drugs I take or what surgery I have is a woman, because a woman is an adult female period. It is okay to be a male that is transgender. It s not a shame to be referred to as a man. It is not a shame, it is okay to be a transgender identified male such as me. Can we get back to reality and respect for reality?



4 thoughts on “Is Jenn Smith Transgender? Cognitive Dissonance in the LGBTQ Activist Community.

  1. I am ABSOLUTELY disgusted by how those assholes treated you. I can’t imagine being so horrible and hateful. Morgane Oger can suck a lemon and I hope he steps on a lego.

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