Press Release: In conjunction with Derek Sloan’s decision to sponsor Transgender Activist Jenn Smith‘s call for a National Inquiry into the medical/pharmaceutical “sex reassignment” of vulnerable children, Jenn has released a major new essay that lists and documents the concerns, cites the opposition and attempts to shut down the debate / calls for an inquiry, and Derek Sloan’s entry into the debate.

Forces are now just beginning to rally gathering and officially validating almost 6000 signatures of support from Canadians in the first 10 days (only 500 were required to certify the official petition which is linked in the story).

Thusfar only the Christian news site Lifesite has covered this very important story. Will any other journalists begin to realize how important this is?

Jenn’s article with just some of the supporting justifications is located here:

Jenn is available for comment by filling in the contact form here and requesting an interview or comment:

Information resources:

Brief overview of Jenn’s efforts to get an inquiry and to get SOGI 123 out of schools here:

Jenn’s Video call for provincial and national inquiries from last year:

Amateur documentary reviewing Jenn’s six months of madness where so-called “Social Justice Warriors” and others did everything in their power to shut down discussion of this topic, including a police stand down in Oak bay:

Documentary looking at the police a stand-down in Oak bay and the ensuing chaos:

Jenn’s interview outside the Supreme Court of BC after a hearing regarding a publication ban and free speech issues in March of 2019:

Jenn’s Interview with the UBC Students for Freedom of Expression Discussing events at UBC and false charges made about him in terms of hate speech a bogus far right wing alliances:

Brief info on Jenn Smith:

Jenn Ricky Smith is a 55 year old transgender identified political activist, public speaker, and child protection advocate. Jenn’s gender status can be confusing to people because while Jenn believes any adult is free to express as and live as transgender, nobody can change sex — an explanation of Jenn’s gender identity status is provided here. He uses male pronouns because he feels language should reflect physical reality not psychological constructions.

Jenn has been opposing what he regards as the more irrational aspects of transgender ideology for over three years, and public speaking and organizing rallies for two years. As a former foster child and ward of the province of BC, Jenn has been very concerned with the apparently high rates of “sex reassignment” among children in government care and among emotionally/psychologically troubled children, and has said this alone warrants a national investigation by the government.

He has been writing on this subject, petitioning and speaking to School Boards, trying to alert and activate politicians, and staging protests for years now, and has for almost two years been publicly speaking and officially calling for provincial and national inquiries. His public talk at the University of British Columbia in June of 2019 resulted in the Vancouver Pride Society ejecting UBC from the 2019 Pride Parade, the first time a participant has ever been ejected after having already been approved. The Pride Society spread lies about Jenn in order to justify the decision. Unfortunately, despite hundreds of stories being written about the event and discussed on radio and TV across Canada, not a single mainstream media person interviewed Jenn for his side of the story; perhaps they will be more interested now.

Jenn’s calls for a national inquiry have largely fallen on deaf political and media ears until this month when Candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, Derek Sloan, officially agreed to sponsor and support Jenn’s call for an Inquiry.

Press photos:

Jenn during filming for his call for a National Inquiry.



Jenn in a media scrum outside the Jessica Yaniv BC Human Rights Tribunal Hearing last year, when he offered support for the women being victimized by Yaniv.
Jenn during one of his many public talks around BC.




Jenn during one of his live Youtube streams called “The aJennda with Jenn Smith”


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