Press statement:
“I will be doing many talks all over the Lower Mainland over the next month or two, all of which will be public events. This is the only event that I’m doing in a church, and I have requested that it be specifically for Christians in order to create a safe space free from the kind of deliberate disruptions and foul language that I was showered with during my last presentation in Victoria (Oak Bay — see attached video). I do not want that kind of disruption or foul language in a church, which is a sacred environment, and the other side of this debate has proven quite conclusively that they are incapable of behaving themselves in a respectful way.

The desire to have this event be strictly for Christians was mine, and the decision was made in order to maintain a safe respectful environment. Pastor Daase and the Board of the Surrey Pentecostal Assembly was kind enough to agree to provide me with a safe sanctuary to talk to Christians. The other side of this debate does not want me to be able to talk, which is why they are demanding access to a meeting I want to keep quiet and respectful. Video of my last event can be found at the attached link, which should make it clear to any honest and sensitive person as to why I have a concern about who I admit into my only currently scheduled church talk.

This press statement is being forwarded to the Surrey RCMP, and I am hoping they will not abandon public safety like the Oak Bay Police did at my event on May 2. The people attending this event have a right to a solemn, respectful discussion of issues relevant to their faith without deliberate disruptions. Sections 176 and 430 of the Canadian Criminal Code prohibit deliberate disruptions of such events, and protest is not allowed on the property, let alone inside the building. Those wanting to be on the guest list should contact me. For reasons already described, preference will be given to Christians, others can attend my many upcoming public talks. Please be aware of and observe the restrictions on my talk page.”

Video of chaos caused by LGBTQ activists in Victoria:
Talk description:
For Media Confused About Jenn’s gender status please go here:

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