FIVE ALARM CALL FOR HELP! All Canadian hands on deck! Petition Active. MP Derek Sloan has agreed to sponsor transgender activist Jenn Smith‘s call for a National Inquiry. This petition is for ALL Canadians, not just Abbotsford residents (that part of the petition is a formatting error), and we need your help.

See Jenn’s video call for Inquiry here:

We need you to HELP SAVE CHILDREN AND TEENS! Foster children (up to half of whom may be indigenous), Autistic children, and children with psychological and emotional troubles are being medically “sex reassigned” and chemically sterilized at startling high numbers far beyond their representation in the population. As much as 15-20 times higher than kids without these problems. As an example, while 1.7% of youths present on the Autism spectrum generally (according to the CDC), studies indicate that as high as 30% (average) of transgender youths present on the autism spectrum.

petition-h copy

The drugs these youths take can permanently stunt genital and other development DRAMATICALLY, permanently sterilize them (one drug is used to chemically castrate sex offenders), cause cardiovascular problems and other irreversible side effects, and lead them towards genital surgery and mastectomies when they turn 18. Are they being preyed upon? We need to find out NOW! Parental rights are also being trampled in this process, with parents now being ordered by courts to facilitate transitioning their youths to the “opposite sex.”

We want a moratorium and a government investigation to discover the truth.

Let’s see how fast we can get 10,000 signatures (and beyond — don’t stop at 10,000, we want tens of thousands or more) so we can get Derek Sloan, the sponsor, to read it to the House of Commons (please remember, this is NOT a partisan political issue, it is about protecting kids from being preyed upon by vested interests and Derek Sloan was the only MP we contacted to agree to sponsor it).

Please email all your friends and ask them to sign! Canadians only, but if you are American you may have Canadian followers so please share share share! And sign the petition yourself! Everybody that wants to keep kids safe should support this inquiry, if there is nothing wrong, an inquiry will figure that out, if there is something wrong we can stop it. Please sign the petition and make it happen and get others to do it. Forward this email to all your friends and contacts that you think will sign, we need a big response and quick response so please help.

Here is what we are requesting:



2) Tell everybody on your email list about it! All we want is an INQUIRY. The lives of youths are being PERMANENTLY altered right now, it is OUR job to protect these kids so PLEASE let’s do it!

If they want details, here is a video from transgender identified political activist and former foster child Jenn Smith who has been calling for an inquiry for two years:


PLEASE NOTE: There is a formatting error that resulted in “residents of Abbotsford” in the text, please just ignore that as it is does not affect the petition and the Clerk of petitions has emailed me saying, “Rest assured that ALL Canadian citizens and residents are eligible to sign this petition, even if the text refers to “residents of Abbotsford”.” (see screen capture below).

Also, if you do not receive a confirmation email from the government e-petition site, please go back and sign the petition again and you should get a confirmation email then, click on the link and it should say “congratulations you have signed” or something like that.

So let’s go everybody. Contact everyone and ask them to support a government inquiry into the medical/pharmaceutical transitioning of vulnerable youths and the concurrent trampling of parental rights.

Jenn Smith thanks you for your concern for our kids and your support.

Email from Clerk of Petitions:

petition-h copy

3 thoughts on “URGENT PETITION! All Systems go! HELP SAVE OUR KIDS! We need you to help stop medical/pharma “sex reassignment” now!

    1. You did not read the text of what you are commenting on here. If you scroll to the bottom and note the screen capture from the House of Commons Clerk of Petitions who noted the error of “residents of Abbotsford” but assured us that it is open to all Canadians. The only way to correct the in-substantive oversight would be to scrap the whole petition an start from scratch. “Abbotsford” was essentially a processing glitch/typo. It does not affect the petition. You will note almost 1100 signatories from all over Canada have been validated, which they would not be if they had to be from Abbotsford. That part does not affect the content or intent of the petition. Why would just one city call for a national inquiry to an MP in Ontario? Derek Sloan knows what the petition is because I talked to him, the official verifying clerk knows what it is too. The typo/oversight will be corrected when tabled to read “citizens of Canada”


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