Jenn’s call for a National Inquiry into the mass medical sterilization of vulnerable youths:

Sign House of Commons Petition to call for Inquiry (started by Abbotsford residents but open to all Canadians):

Jenn announces intention to run for School Trustee:

IMPORTANT NEWS UPDATE: Jenn Smith silenced by Facebook and other attacks on Jenn’s MLA campaign. Click here to read details.

NEW! Video clips of Jenn talking in Victoria at the Hilton and other videos. Click here.

NEW: Rebel Media Interview on attempts to silence Jenn.

“A vote for Jenn is a vote for parental rights, true diversity, the rights of young girls, and depoliticizing education.”

Jenn Smith: Political actiVist, writer, public speaker, child protection advocate, and graduate of Simon Fraser University (History/Political Science – Golden Key). Tirelessly exposing big pharma predation of children and one of the most censored speakers in Canada (see videos above).

Jenn believes in providing choice in education and respect for parental rights and true diversity.

Jenn is a child protection advocate and is trying to stop the “sex reassignment” and pharmaceutical sterilization of children that the NDP and other main parties currently support (see video below of Jenn’s call for a National Inquiry”. Parental rights and women’s rights are also being trampled by government and Jenn will work to stop this).

Information and campaign ads:

Throughout human history parents have been regarded not only as the natural, but as the best Guardians of the well-being of their children, and granted primacy in the educational, moral and spiritual development of their children. Nobody understands a child better than their parents do. The BC school system and government are now trampling these traditional values and replacing them with a totalitarian mono-culture that tramples parental rights under foot. Jenn Smith is a transgender identified public speaker and child protection advocate who is coming to Chilliwack to speak and stand in defense, not only of parental rights, but for vulnerable children who are being led astray by school programs and policies that ultimately end up benefiting the pharmaceutical industry. Stay tuned for details on when and where Jenn will be speaking in Chilliwack and his plans to run for political office. And please go to his website and watch his video call for government inquiries, which was recently sponsored by Conservative Party leadership candidate Derek Sloan, and also sign his petition calling for inquiries.

Key platform issues (with links to detailed descriptions):

Education and SOGI 123

Launch An Immediate Inquiry Into the Pharmaceutical Castration and Sterilization of Children (see video below)

Press Release

Jenn’s interview with Rebel Media on Facebook interference in the election:

Rebel Media National Interview on attempts to silence Jenn.

Campaign images:

2018 facing news cameras outside the Jessica Yaniv hearing.
2017 talk in Abbotsford

2 thoughts on “Jenn Smith for School Trustee

  1. Rod and I ( Carol) attended your presentation in Campbell River last year. We were very impressed with your knowledge, expertise in presentation and solid answers to questions.
    We are so pleased to hear you are running for MLA in Victoria.
    We admire your courageous stand for truth – and will be praying for wisdom and safety.
    Blessings, Rod and Carol


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