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Today Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate Derek Sloan agreed to sponsor and present to the House of Commons transgender activist Jenn Smith’s petition and call for a National Inquiry into the mass medical gender transitioning/”sex reassignment” of vulnerable and at risk children and adolescents in Canada. Sloan said that he believes the issue “needs to be investigated.”

Jenn Smith is a highly controversial transgender identified public speaker and political activist. He was born male and now identifies as “transgender” (transgender is an umbrella term that includes many different gender-atypical identities) but not as the opposite sex which he says “is impossible.” “It is okay to be transgender,” said Smith, “but one cannot be the opposite sex and we should not be confusing our children by telling them it is possible and setting up laws that trample the rights of women and young girls.”

Smith has been calling for provincial and national inquiries into the so-called “sex reassignment” of vulnerable youths for two years. Smith’s public talks have been the source of protest and enormous controversy. His talk last year at the University of British Columbia (UBC) resulted in the Vancouver Pride Society ejecting UBC as an official participant in the 2019 Pride Parade for hosting a “transphobic speaker” whose talks “qualify as hate speech and anti-trans rhetoric.” Smith says claims that he is “anti-transgender” or “promotes hate” when he is transgender himself are not only patently absurd, but libelous. Smith thus subsequently attended the Vancouver Pride Parade himself carrying a sign calling the Pride Society “liars” and calling for an end to child medical transitioning.

Smith’s talks have also generated debate regarding freedom of speech, as five major colleges and universities either refused to host or cancelled Smith’s talks on campus. Smith has also been permanently banned from Twitter (depriving him of thousands of followers) for saying he would not refer to a man as a woman because it is “untrue, confusing to our children, and harmful to women’s rights.”

In Smith’s call for a National Inquiry and in his public talks he cites evidence that foster children, autistic children, indigenous children, and various other at risk children suffering from emotional and psychological problems are transitioning at startlingly high and disproportionate rates (fifteen to twenty times more than children without these issues) and are being put on life-long physically altering pharmaceutical medications that also puts them on a path towards possible “gender affirming surgery” when they turn 18.

Powerful drugs such as Lupron and synthetic hormones, the long term side effects of which are not known, are prescribed to kids as young as “Tanner Stage 2” (10 or 11 years old). “Lupron,” said Smith, “is associated with all kinds of potentially serious side effects including bone density issues and the stunting of genital development and possible permanent sterilization. It essentially disables parts of the endocrine system stunting growth and development.”

Smith also notes current policies are trampling parental rights, and he cites the case of a Delta father who was forced against his will to facilitate his daughter’s “sex reassignment” procedures which included the injection of high doses of testosterone. This case has been the subject of numerous Supreme Court hearings.

Despite the enormous controversy Smith’s activism has caused, Smith refuses to apologize suggesting politicians in Canada have a moral imperative to investigate what he is calling “a crime against our most vulnerable children.” In a recent Zoom webinar Sloan concurred with Smith and said he believes these issues need to be investigated and cited similar inquiries being done in the United Kingdom and Australia. Sloan subsequently agreed to sponsor the call for an inquiry in the House of Commons.

Smith commended Sloan’s courage noting, “no other elected politician in Canada has had the courage to take on this highly sensitive but very important issue, and I am extremely grateful for Derek Sloan’s decision to stand up for our children and parental rights. At this point we are not asking for a law to be passed, we are calling for an inquiry to determine whether or not our most vulnerable children are being victimized by a predatory system. Nobody who cares about children should be opposed to this. Once the inquiry has been done we can make recommendations, but I am also calling for a moratorium on medical transitioning of minors until an investigation is completed because these drugs and procedures have serious and in many cases permanent consequences.”

Smith has two petitions and has garnered thousands of signatories and supporters, the Official House of Commons Petition is awaiting activation.  He will be in BC Supreme Court shortly on a freedom of speech issue, and with the easing of COVID 19 restrictions is once again planning public events with his co-sponsor Chris McCay, who Smith says has supported his efforts almost every step of the way and will be helping with the next steps in the effort to get a National Inquiry.

Full text of Original Petition:

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