Miranda Yardley and Jenn Smith are hereby challenging Morgane Oger and Brad Dirks to a structured, live, online debate on issues related to Transgender Ideology.
The title of the debate was conceived as a result of the fact that the Queen is the head of state for both Britain and British Columbia and thus all participants are either subjects or citizens of the Common Wealth under her Royal Majesty’s watchful eye.

Proposed Debate Lineup:

Morgane Oger.
Morgane is a transsexual, Vice President of British Columbia’s New Democratic Party, recipient of the Governor General’s Meritorious Service Medal, public speaker and activist.

Miranda Yardley.
Miranda (on the far right of the photo) is a writer, public speaker, has presented to British Parliament on transgender issues, and is also transsexual. Miranda is known for taking a strong no-nonsense approach and has written extensively on the subject of transsexual and transgender identity. MirandaYardley.com

Brad Dirks.
Brad Dirks is a former TEDx Public Speaker, an activist, and tireless supporter of the affirmative model for adolescent transition and the SOGI 123 school program. Brad is the parent of a transgender youth and has been featured in many newspaper and television news stories across Canada.

Jenn Smith.
Jenn is a transgender identified male, a writer and activist that opposes all child and adolescent medical transition. While Jenn has never received a medal from the Governor General, he has degrees in history and political science, has given countless public talks across British Columbia, recently began writing articles for the Post Millennial National News, and has staged protests in Victoria against the SOGI 123 program.

The structure, rules, date and time, and moderation details for this debate have not yet been set, nor have all those invited accepted the challenge.


2 thoughts on “The Queen’s Challenge? A Formal Challenge to a Debate on Transgender Issues.

  1. Morgane will likely not respond as he’s a complete coward with no facts to support his ridiculous contentions. Meanwhile he’s going ahead with his bogus complaints about Meghan Murphy and the Vancouver Public Library.

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