This is the text of a letter I sent to the editor of the National Post:

To: Anne Marie Owens
Editor, National Post
From: Jenn Smith

Dear Ms. Owens.

My name is Jenn Smith, I broke the story nationally in the Post Millennial about the Children’s Hospital in BC giving a young girl testosterone without the father’s approval. My article for the Post Millennial deliberately omitted names because I wanted this to be about public policy and specifically wanted to avoid putting a young girl in the spotlight.

I am part of an initiative in BC that is cataloguing and preparing for law suits against persons deemed to be complicit or negligent in encouraging children and youths into medical transitioning, REGARDLESS of parental consent.

If the National Post publishes names in this case you will be putting additional pressure on this girl to transition and will thus be complicit, not only as an organization, but you, yourself, under tort law, can be found personally liable, and we are now databasing such cases for later reference. In this case I will add your name, as well as Douglas Quan, because I am informing you now that this young girl is not psychologically or emotionally capable of making this decision and you are putting added pressure on her by publishing the name of her and her family. We regard the doctors involved to be incompetent and influenced by big pharma funded studies and experts.

If she decides later she was led astray, I will be encouraging her to sue you and the National Post for putting a minor in a situation where she became a propaganda pawn in a public policy struggle.

I am thus encouraging you to do the responsible thing and NOT publish any names that could identify the minor in this story. If the girl involved sues later I will be strongly encouraging her to sue you personally as well as your paper.

Thank you for your attention,

Jenn Smith
SOGI 123 Liability and Accountability Project

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