Stats on Hospitalization:

Do unvaccinated people comprise the majority of hospital patients?
Yes, with only one exception I am aware of, Israel, but that will be addressed below. Keep i mind pretty much every major nation in the world is reporting numbers similar to the United States and Canada with a massive percentage of persons hospitalized. Antivaxers have to search the world far and wide to find one tiny isolated exception in the Mediterranean which they then use to eliminate and pretend 99% of the world’s states and stats do not exist and that Israel represents everything and the “true” unvaccinated rate, but this is not true as will be illustrated below in the Israel section.

I included the Canadian province of British Columbia because that is where I live, and I included the state of Pennsylvania simply because they had just released their numbers and I was looking at them as I put this together.

The numbers below (as of September 2021) show the percentage of unvaccinated people who have been hospitalized for COVID 19.

British Columbia (Canada) as of September 2021

81% unvaccinated


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BC Ministry of Health Update October 26, 2021:
Okay, just my notes from the provincial briefing with more specifics and charts to come later for British Columbia:
Current situation and some of the numbers are rounded off.
Rolling Vaccine efficacy numbers:
Health Minister Dix and Bonnie Henry summarized numbers for Vancouver Coastal Health (and others), noting that currently there are:
155 people occupying critical care beds in hospital now because of COVID-19.
133 of those critical care cases or 86% are unvaccinated people, despite the fact the unvaccinated account 10% of the population.
43 of the critical care cases are people under the age of 50 and of those 42 or 98% are unvaccinated, again despite the fact the unvaccinated account for only 10% of the population.
These numbers have not only remained consistent in BC they have been replicated almost everywhere in the world. The few exceptions however do not invalidate the rule, particularly if you understand statistics and things such as Simpson’s Paradox.
Also, health care worker update: as the deadline for health care workers to be vaccinated or lose their jobs has passed, the final numbers are somewhere between 3% and 4% of health care workers remain unvaccinated and thus face termination, however a large number of those workers are not only support staff (eg not nurses or doctors) but also classified as “casual labour.”

Canada as of September 2021

87.5% unvaccinated


United Kingdom as of September 2021

86.5% unvaccinated


Pennsylvania (United States) as of September 2021

95% unvaccinated


United States as of September 2021

92% unvaccinated


So what About Israel?

Israel is an outlier that antivaxers desperately sought out, they ignored the stats above from much larger populations with different delivery methods and time frames and they searched and searched and searched and then zeroed in on this tiny nation in the Mediterranean with a population of just 9 million, and said “AH-HA! All those other stats now now longer matter, Israel tells us the truth!” There was, for a short time, an anomaly where for a period of time in mid-August nearly 60% of all hospitalized cases were vaccinated people. This temporary blip has since passed and was explained in several articles such as here and here)

So what is the truth? The current rate is below.

As of this moment I do not have the numbers since vaccination started in January but I will pst thos when I get them. Current cases are seen below but not all cases are listed. *If* we treated the vax and the unvaxed as all the cases, 56.8% are unvaccinated 43.2% vaccinated but again this is a narrow window of time, outcomes were much different, and different factors have influenced this such “Simpson’s paradox”, a statistical anomaly addressed in articles linked in sources below. One also cannot focus on a tiny example such as Israel and ignore the rest of world. Anomalies and blips will occur for various reasons.

Cases August 21 to September 17, 2021




Excess Mortality rates:

Let’s start by looking at excess mortality statistics for the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada:


Okay, now let’s look at Canada specifically:

Now let’s look at a graph compiled by the Ontario Science council study that looked not just at mortality rates but things such as cremation rates during the pandemic (it is interesting to note that mortality rates above 85 were not affected as much as the category below, which is instructive). You will note similarities.

But this information is not enough, Canada is only one part of a global pandemic so not only do other countries need to be considered when parsing information but also OTHER factors that skeptics never think of.

So I say that pandemics need to be understood in the context of more than one country, you cannot cherry pick because different countries respond different and this achieves different outcomes. The United States is a good example of a country that generally is believed to have not responded as well as other countries and that is seen in their staggering excess mortality rates.

Excess mortality in the US should have gone down but it was 300,000+ for just a ten month period.
But there is more:

So Canada achieved better results for a myriad of reasons related to mitigation measures to things such as population density, hence the reason New York City was hit so hard. But the thing skeptics never seem to quite get their sputtering neural gocarts to is the fact ALL of these statistics are mitigation statistics. The excess death totals published in the previous reply were AFTER heavy mitigation measures designed to drive death rates as low as possible by locking people down as much as possible (including masking). In such circumstances ALL deaths caused by airborne contagions would drop dramatically, including the flu. The idiocy of pointing to a successful mitigation strategy and saying “the death totals were not critically high” is so stupid as to barely warrant comment, OF COURSE the totals were kept reasonably low THAT WAS THE GOAL. What should be surprising was that they were still so high despite the heavy measures we took. But for skeptics it is as if we instituted a helmet rule in the NHL and head injuries were subsequently low so you say “see, there is no problem with head injuries, look at how low head injury stats are, this is all a farce, helmets are not necessary!” Idiocy.

So the mitigation measures, quite heavy in some parts of Canada, were deliberately designed to drive excess death totals down. Even Donald Trump, the lunkhead that he is understood this, which was why he has said “millions would have died had my administration not taken strong measures to limit the spread.” So now we are onto it. Mitigation is designed to keep mortality at pre-pandemic levels in order to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. So the question, counter-factual as it is, is how many people would have died had no mitigation measures been put in place. Trump suggested millions more just in the United States alone. Even with heavy measures the US excess mortality rates were massive, in Canada we did much better.

Mitigation in terms of placing downwards pressure on flu deaths and all airborne viruses etc that can cause death.
I have said that I have no had a cold or flu since March of 2020, which is an unusually long time for me since I work in a place with lots of people. I think I may have had COVID-19 in March, but in any case nothing since then. This is the downward pressure mitigation measures such as masks put on flu cases and deaths. So the Ontario scientific council again looked at flu death in Toronto and made the following graph. But before leaping to conspiracy theories related to the flu AGAIN, please note below that even if you put ALL 20,000 flu deaths down as COVID 19 deaths (as some want to) you still had 500,000 COVID deaths.

But here is what they found on Ontario in terms of the effect of mitigation measures on flu deaths, with other contagious conditions,


French study of 22 million people shows vaccine cut risk of severe COVID by 90%.

Another lie debunked:

Constantly debunking …. okay, antivaxers saying “There are no animal studies. Because the animals were dying.” Notice any contradictions in the statement? But never mind that. Antivaxers are fountains …. no wait ….. volcanoes of bulls____. Not only have there been animal/primate studies, some 40,000 human volunteered as test subjects.
They did primate tests, here are just two supporting references (there are more):


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