“Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline.”

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Almost everything thing you think you know about how the world works is wrong. You are living in a kind of information control matrix in which politicians, media outlets both left and right, and various other important thought leaders, are more or less completely controlled by establishment powers with the help of global intelligence networks both public and private.”

—  Jenn Smith

Operation Toto represents a new kind of public information session, blending multimedia, performance art, and powerful information, all designed to alter your state of awareness and awaken you to the world that has been pulled over your eyes. This is an immersive information presentation that will cover the following topics:

  • Control of the mainstream media and other primary channels of communication by establishment powers and intelligence assets in order to continually manipulate mass consciousness and shape public opinion and action.
  • How the government uses mass psychological operations against the public via intelligence agencies in order to shape thought, motivate action, and hence undermine normal democratic processes. Long tested and proven group and cult psychology tactics are being used in this process with great effectiveness. Currently this involves deliberately inciting widespread anger and outrage, which has been used throughout human history in order to divide people, create chaos, and hence justify the complete reshaping of society, sometimes including the implementation of totalitarian government powers.
  • A review of Jenn Smith’s critiques (as a transgender person himself) of various transgender initiatives, particularly those targeting children, and how and why this led to him pushing for a National Inquiry into the medical and pharmaceutical “sex reassignment” of minors which has turned so many very vulnerable youths into life-long pharmaceutical customers. This is not an argument against being transgender people (Jenn is and fully supports the right to be transgender) it is an argument about child welfare and whether or not turning children into life-long pharmaceutical customers, permanently altering their bodies, and in many cases permanently sterilizing them is a good and advisable thing? The details of Jenn’s research and activism in this regard serves as a case study of how popular perceptions are being manipulated via the media, cancel culture, and the deliberate spread of disinformation. We also get a look into how schools are being used to essentially brainwash and condition children, including an almost complete undermining of parental rights in order to facilitate essentially totalitarian state agendas, not to mention some decidedly strange subliminal messaging in SOGI 123 “learning burst” videos.
  • The world today and everything happening cannot be understood without understanding the wealth and power dynamics driving what is happening. One of the most powerful industries in the world today is the pharmaceutical industry (that Smith argues is largely out of control) that needs to be brought to heel via government action. The presentation will thus document extensive corruption and conflicts of interest in the pharmaceutical industry, and why big pharma has become a threat not only to the health and well-being of everybody, but to the proper functioning of our democracy as well
  • What is the the answer? What is the solution to regaining control of our minds, our democratic institutions, and the sources of information that we citizens need to be able to make informed decisions? How should we respond to external pressures trying to make us respond emotionally rather than with control and thoughtfulness and respect for our neighbors? The answer, Smith maintains, is something akin to Timothy Leary’s old mantra “turn on, tune in, and drop out,” but minus the drugs and minus the dropping out. There is a road forward and way to reclaim ourselves and our democracy, and Smith will explore that.

  • Concluding notes:

    Heavily researched and extensively documented, Operation Toto represents more than information: it represents a departure from the ordinary and a heightened state of awareness, where political knowledge merges with the Higher angels of our nature. The topics discussed are true but for most people so unusual, unknown, and surreal, that is has been decided to present it in an appropriately unusual and surreal manner.

    This immersive presentation contains some of the most important and empowering information you will ever hear.

    Jenn Smith is an experienced public speaker who has now decided to completely reinvent what it is to give a public presentation. Why be boring when you can be so much more?


    More commentaries:

    “While the information presented is powerful, well-researched, respectful, and for some life changing, the presentation style is entirely unique. Smith, a seasoned public speaker, has turned public information into a kind of surreal, immersive, and almost psychedelic art experience unlike anything seen before in a public talk.

    Smith’s message itself is somewhat different than that given by others in the realm of alternative thought — he does not ask you to get angry, in fact, he expressly encourages everybody to cease being angry. He asks you to wake up and to encourage others to do the same, because Smith believes that just the act of awakening to the methodologies of control will immediately work to undermine the networks and mechanisms of mass mind control being used by the establishment against us. This will happen, claims Smith, because the viewer has been exposed to the truth and inoculated against the viruses of the mind that the establishment injects into society via its channels of control and information.

    “I am not an educator so much,” said Smith, “as I am somebody following or seeking to follow in the ideological footsteps of Giordano Bruno who once said to the Inquisition, ‘I have made myself a waker of sleeping souls.’ Much of the world is unaware of the levels of deception and control that is exercised over them now, it is necessary that they become aware and that is what I seek to do, but not in a way that divides people and creates anger, in a way that awakens and empowers the individual.”

    Operation Toto represents the bringing together of decades of research and experience to reveal almost unheard of facts regarding the methodologies of mass mind control by our governments.

    Operation Toto is neither pro nor anti-Religion. We recognize God is real and allow the individual to recognize God as they see fit as long as it does so in ways respectful to others, because we demand from ourselves a Higher form of behavior. We believe that standing calm and peaceful in the storm is the ultimate act of strength, whereas yelling angrily degrades both our neighbors and ourselves.

    Promo proofs, ads & more:

    Operation Toto is more than a public information event, it represents an appeal to a Higher form of awareness. The Higher angels of our nature have been put to sleep and are kept dormant by the current environment of anger and conflict in our society, which is promoted by almost every major politician, media outlet, and even religious leaders. We must reject and detach from these barbaric impulses and those that stir them up, and the Higher part of ourselves must awaken and take calm but strong control of our actions.

    A new kind of public presentation is coming, blending multimedia, performance art, and powerful information, all designed to alter your state of awareness and awaken you to the world that has been pulled over your eyes. This represents more than information, it represents a departure from the ordinary and a heightened state of awareness, where political knowledge merges with the Higher angels of our nature.

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