For Immediate Release:

AB v CD case update (re: father sent to jail due to court order violations connected to his opposition to the medical “sex reassignment” of his daughter):

Recently a BC father, anonymized by the court as “CD”, was sentenced to 6 months in jail and a $30,000 fine for repeated violations of court orders protecting the identities of various parties connected to the case. This sentence has been widely regarded as overly harsh considering the circumstances of the case and the father’s first time offender status.

CD has thus retained as his Criminal Appeal Attorney Vincent Larochelle in order to seek release on bail pending an appeal to be conducted at a later date.

Vincent Larochelle

Larochelle is an Oxford Law School Grad and former Rhodes Scholar (which is considered among the most prestigious international scholarship programmes in the world and given to only the very brightest and most promising students), but whom has been doing criminal appeals now at the highest level for some time. He is enthusiastic about taking on the task of appealing the sentence against CD. He is very articulate, and versed in criminal law and appeals specifically. He came recommended by one of the top criminal defense attorneys in BC and was described as “a rising star.”

CD has now retained his services. We are hoping Vincent Larochelle will be able to get CD out on bail soon and then do an actual appeal of the sentence later in the year. Larochelle is taking over the case from lawyer Carey Linde who handled the family court cases and the recent criminal contempt case.

Thank you to everybody that has been supporting CD financially because that money has now enabled us to get for him a top notch Oxford lawyer.


Vincent Larochelle, Oxford Law School Grad and former Rhodes Scholar, has been retained to conduct an appeal of what is generally regarded as an overly harsh sentence to the father in the AB v CD case who was forced to facilitate his daughter’s medical “sex reassignment” against his wishes.

To see Vincent Larochelle in action see the video below:

Vincent Larochelle speaking before the Supreme Court of Canada.

Media inquiries regarding the Appeal can be directed to Vincent Larochelle via contact info on his website located here:

General inquiries regarding the case can be submitted to myself, Jenn Smith, via the contact form on this page.

For a detailed background on the case, please see my essay below by clicking on the image:

If you would like to help the father with his legal expenses, fines, and the now massive personal expenses such as loss of wages, please go to his gogetfunding page by clicking on the image below:

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