View video below for reasons and evidence supporting a call for a national inquiry:

We now have evidence (see sources for claims below) that foster children, autistic children, indigenous children, and various other at risk children suffering from emotional and psychological problems are being “sex reassigned” at startlingly high and disproportionate rates (fifteen to twenty times more than children without these issues), and are being put on life-long physically altering pharmaceutical medications that can permanently sterilize them.

Powerful drugs such as Lupron and synthetic hormones (which according to the University of California San Francisco causes permanent and irreversible sterility), the long term side effects of which are not known, are prescribed to kids as young as “Tanner Stage 2” (typically starting at 10 or 11 years old). “Lupron,” said Smith, “is associated with all kinds of potentially serious side effects including bone density issues and the stunting of genital development and numerous other problems. It essentially disables parts of the endocrine system stunting growth and development.”

Smith also notes current policies are trampling women’s rights and parental rights, and he cites the case of a Delta father who was forced against his will to facilitate his daughter’s “sex reassignment” procedures which included the injection of high doses of testosterone. This case has been the subject of numerous Supreme Court hearings.

Many people (including former Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate Derek Sloan) have come together to support Smith and his call for a National Inquiry in order to measure and assess what is happening. At this stage we are not calling for any final conclusions we are simply asking for an inquiry, although Smith himself clearly believes medical transitioning should be illegal for minors under the age of 18 and possibly later because of the very serious implications of the procedures involved.

If you are Canadian and support the need for a government investigation to make sure these vulnerable youths are not being preyed upon by the pharmaceutical industry and a predatory system, then please go to this page and copy and paste the form email, insert your name, and send an email to the Minister of Health supporting the call for an inquiry.

Sources for claims in video:

Claim: No proof that anybody is born transgender.
Citation: Numerous studies have been conducted to try to provide answers (some would say fabricate answers) to the claims that people are born transgender or “trapped in the wrong body” as one confused Oxford “scientist” said, but all of these studies refer to vague genome correlations and brain scans that prove nothing, and which totally ignore neuroplasticity and the fact that the brain changes based on your behavior. They typically rely of deceptive titles that headline-readers immediately seize upon as indicating scientists have “proven” people are born transgender, but the article will then reluctantly concede later that there is no proof. A good case in point is here, and as usual the author has ties to the pharmaceutical industry (in this case John Theisen who received almost $30,000 from Abbvie perhaps the largest manufacturer of puberty blockers in the world (transgender science is riddled with conflicts of interest with big pharma):

Claim: On the idea that “transgender” refers to patterns of behavior not a biological state of being.
Citation: This is based on long held definitions of what transgender means and my own interpretations of that. My dissenting view on issues related to transgender people has resulted in people trying to strip me of my identity, which forced me to write an essay on the etymology of the word transgender and how I see that and why people try to strip me of my status. The essay is here.

Claim: Transgender kids have extremely high and disproportionate rates of autism.
Citation: Autism rates in the general population of children according to the CDC is 1.7%. Studies of transgender children reveal quite different and startling numbers varying from as low as 5% or 8% to as high as 54% (below) depending on which study you look at.

Claim: Puberty blockers are highly toxic and can have serious side effects.
Citations: Screenshots below.

Claim: Synthetic hormones etc cause sterility.
Citation: This is a well known fact.

Claim: If left alone and not affirmed in their identity, most gender dysphoric youths (those identifying as transgender or as the opposite sex) will later stop identifying that way and accept their biological sex.
Citation: As with most of these issues various studies have different conclusions. Below are two studies including Steensma’s large sample, and you should note he correlation between social transitioning and persistence. Those that had no social transitioning (particularly boys) were extremely likely to desist.

Claim: The leading gender specialist in BC says that 500 of his minor patients are from the Ministry of Child and Family Development.
Citation: This statement comes from Wallace Wong’s talk at the Vancouver Public Library. We do not know at this point and will not know until we get a government inquiry exactly how those numbers break down in terms of how many are foster children, how many are in unstable living conditions, or otherwise in government care. But if we presume that 500 number is an accurate reflection of kids in government care that are being treated for gender dysphoria at his clinic, that represents approximately 7.7% of all children in care in BC at that time.

Being as that usual estimates are that 1 in 200 people identify as transgender 0.5%, for 7% of children in care to be identifying as such is alarming. Below is audio from Wallace Wong’s talk in which he confirmed 500 of his youths came from the Ministry,

Claim: There is a massive increase and large numbers of youths are transitioning to the “opposite sex”.
Citation: This is another well known fact and is actually a global phenomenon. Below are charts of referrals to gender clinics and the increases in the UK and Canada.

A national study on transgender youth, Trans Youth Can!, has data showing an increase in referrals for transgender teens at clinics across Canada. ( Published by the CBC.
Referrals to the Tavistock Gender Clinic in the UK per week.

Claim: Large numbers of youths have other psychiatric conditions in addition to gender dysphoria.
Citation: This is another well known fact. See screenshots below.

Claim: Over half of all children in care are indigenous and thus of those children/teens in care being treated as “gender dysphoric” it is reasonable to assume that as many as half are indigenous.

Claim: Parental rights are being trampled.
Citation: Laws such as BC’s Infants Act are now being used to force parents to facilitate the transitioning of their children from one “sex” to another, even though this will quite probably result in irreversible changes and harm to their bodies. See my article on the Delta father I have been in Supreme Court with by clicking here. See also screenshots below (two separate cases):

Other information:

Jenn’s article with just some of the supporting justifications is located here:

Jenn is available for comment by filling in the contact form here and requesting an interview or comment:

Information resources:

Brief overview of Jenn’s efforts to get an inquiry and to get SOGI 123 out of schools here:

Jenn’s Video call for provincial and national inquiries from last year:

Amateur documentary reviewing Jenn’s six months of madness where so-called “Social Justice Warriors” and others did everything in their power to shut down discussion of this topic, including a police stand down in Oak bay:

Documentary looking at the police a stand-down in Oak bay and the ensuing chaos:

Jenn’s interview outside the Supreme Court of BC after a hearing regarding a publication ban and free speech issues in March of 2019:

Jenn’s Interview with the UBC Students for Freedom of Expression Discussing events at UBC and false charges made about him in terms of hate speech a bogus far right wing alliances:

Brief info on Jenn Smith:

Jenn Ricky Smith is a 55 year old transgender identified political activist, public speaker, and child protection advocate. Jenn’s gender status can be confusing to people because while Jenn believes any adult is free to express as and live as transgender, nobody can change sex — an explanation of Jenn’s gender identity status is provided here. He uses male pronouns because he feels language should reflect physical reality not psychological constructions.

Jenn has been opposing what he regards as the more irrational aspects of transgender ideology for almost four years, and public speaking and organizing rallies for almost three years. As a former foster child and ward of the province of BC, Jenn has been very concerned with the apparently high rates of “sex reassignment” among children in government care and among emotionally/psychologically troubled children, and has said this alone warrants a national investigation by the government.

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