If you support the call for a national inquiry into the mass medical “sex reassignment” (and subsequent sterilization) of our youths and children, please copy the message below (beginning with Dear Minister Hajdu) and insert your name under “sincerely,” (the first sincerely above the underline) and email it to hcminister.ministresc@canada.ca .
Use the Subject line:
“RE: E-Petition 2443 calling for a National Inquiry into the mass medical transitioning of vulnerable children and youths.”

[Begin copy below:]

Dear Minister Hajdu.

I fully support Jenn Smith’s call for a national inquiry into the medical transitioning of vulnerable youths as expressed in the body of House of Commons E-Petition 2443 and Smith’s letter to the you attached below. People all on all sides of this debate should have nothing to fear from an inquiry, and it is the responsible thing to do for our youth. Please consider acting on Jenn’s petition and call for a National Inquiry.


[Text of Jenn Smith’s letter]

To: Minister of Health Patty Hajdu Patty.Hajdu@parl.gc.ca
From: Jenn Smith, RE: E-petition 2443

My name is Jenn Ricky Smith. I am a transgender identified political activist, and currently your department is dealing with House of Commons E-Petition 2443 which I wrote, which had almost 7500 verified signatures before closing. This is a very serious issue that requires the federal government’s full attention and investigative power because it is a national phenomenon that affects the health of our children, particularly our foster children and other youths with psychological and emotional issues. 

As a transgender person myself and a former foster child, I have taken this issue on as a personal moral imperative, and as a graduate of Simon Fraser University I am also offering to take part in an inquiry interested in getting to the truth of why we have seen a nearly 4000 percent increase in youths identifying as transgender over the past seven years or so all across the Western world, including in Canada, many of whom will be permanently sterilized in the process and the led down a path that leads to serious and irreversible surgeries including double mastectomies and even genital surgery.

I challenge you to watch the short video attached to this email in which I made a call for a government inquiry (as they have done in the United Kingdom) which contains startling statistics suggesting our most vulnerable children are being preyed upon by pharmaceutical and other interests. We can show physical harm done to youths by the medical transitioning procedures, conflicts of interest in the science and policy setting organizations, as well as the disturbing fact it is our most vulnerable youths that are falling for this permanently physically damaging movement.

I want to be clear that the primary concern at this stage is the pharmaceutical assault on these youths; the surgeries of are also extremely concerning but are not as common as the drugging and subsequent chemical sterilization of transgender minors. As a transgender person myself I believe medical transitioning should be reserved exclusively for adults, but this will be something to be explored in an inquiry.

All we are asking for at this stage is to address the concerns of the good people of Canada by launching a National Inquiry to get to the bottom of this issue. People all on all sides of this debate should have nothing to fear from an inquiry, and it is the responsible thing to do for our youth. Please consider acting on this petition by calling for a National Inquiry to make sure our most vulnerable youths are not being victimized by a predatory system.

We thank you for your time.

Jenn Smith, Transgender activist, public speaker, and writer.

Video call for National Inquiry:

[End copy]

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