The unprecedented mass public lockdowns and protective measures and recommendations, is unlike anything ever seen before in human history. It has caused enormous human suffering including the devastation of many small business and widespread unemployment. While it is difficult to question virologists around the world on the nature of this virus, the lockdown measures and the effects they cause must be debated and addressed in a way that seeks what is best for everybody. I believe one of he reasons Horgan has called this election is because heavy lockdown measures are going to be implemented after the election, whether that is justified or not is an issue each person will have to decide for themselves. What I think is clear is that if we decide collectively that it is best to put into place and enforce lockdown measures that devastate small business owner and employees, society has to be willing to pickup the cost of that and seek to make these small businesses and employees whole for their sacrifices for the common good. In terms of the many voices who are concerned by the threat they perceive to our freedoms and liberties, these people should not just be hand-waved away and demonized. In the interest of creating harmony and in the interest of responsive and open government, the issues of those dissenting should at least be heard and addressed in a meaningful way. By ridiculing or demonizing or silencing such people it cerates an underlying and unnecessary tension that could be remedied merely by allowing them to be heard and having their concerns addressed. Everybody needs to feel they are heard during this unprecedented time in human history.

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