“My position on seniors is very simple: we are our seniors. They have paved the way before us, and sustained and/or given us everything we cherish. We embrace our seniors as an act of filial piety and respect, because we believe in compassion, and because we know that tomorrow we will travel the same road.”
– Jenn Smith: Political actiVist, writer, public speaker, and graduate of Simon Fraser University (History/Political Science).

Jenn Smith’s Overall Platform points:

An independent voice in the legislature for people that will seek truth and accountability and not be beholden to party politics or big business. Jenn will continually support policies that value and support people first, including our children and our seniors.

Empowering people by moving towards direct democracy/referendums that ask you how your MLA should vote on important issues. True democracy is predicated upon freedom of speech and Jenn is dedicated to ensuring that right is protected.

Jenn believes in providing choice in education and health care with full funding for both.

Jenn is a child protection advocate and is trying to stop the “sex reassignment” and pharmaceutical sterilization of children that the NDP and other main parties currently support (see video below of Jenn’s call for a National Inquiry”. Parental rights and women’s rights are also being trampled by government and Jenn will work to stop this.

Senior specific platform:

Fact: 50% of seniors have arthritis or chronic pain. 25% rely on opiate pain medications to relieve their pain and make life bearable. The NDP has been working hard to achieve two things:
1) To deprive as many seniors as possible of the pain medications they need to make their lives bearable (the NDP uses downtown street heroin use to justify the need to stop seniors from getting pain medications, as if there is a correlation).
2) They are now, together with the federal Liberals, making Medical Assistance in Dying — doctor assisted suicide — easier and easier to get with less and less accountability. Do you see a correlation between these two things? Now we have COVID-19 as well to keep seniors isolated from their families. Isolated, in pain, then offered medically assisted suicide as an option. What kind of society are we becoming? This trend towards vicious indifference to the lives of our seniors needs to end.
We should also not be taxing seniors for things that are essential to heir lives.

Vote to support our seniors. Vote for compassion. Vote for Jenn Smith.

“A vote for Jenn is a vote for people, democracy, and change; a vote for anybody else is a vote for the status quo.”

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