The NDP and Education Minister Rob Fleming have facilitated a system that has led to foster children (up to half of whom may be indigenous), Autistic children, and children with psychological and emotional troubles on a path that leads them to being medically “sex reassigned” and chemically sterilized at startlingly high numbers, far beyond their representation in the population. As much as 15-20 times higher than kids without these problems.

The NDP also supports measures (using the BC Infant’s Act) that can now legally force a parent, against their will, to facilitate the chemical sterilization of their own children. In December of 2018, Smith first broke the story of a Delta father who was forced to facilitate his daughter’s “Sex reassignment” and testosterone injections against his will. The father will join Jenn in Victoria on Saturday and Sunday October 17 and 18th in Victoria as Smith campaigns for a seat in the BC legislature. This totalitarian over-reach into family life needs to stop and the “sex reassignment” of vulnerable youths needs to be investigated immediately.

If you live in Victoria Swan-Lake, a vote for Rob Fleming is a vote to continue these outrages. A vote for any other party is a vote for the status quo. Do not let your vote be wasted, please vote for child protection advocate Jenn Smith and send a message to our Education Minister and our government that they need to pay attention and that these outrages need to stop. Vote to save these kids, Vote for freedom, Vote for independent candidate Jenn Smith.

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