I have a different view of the political process than most candidates. I believe that primary power on critical issues that affect people’s lives should not rest with MLAs who are too frequently in the pocket of corporate power and other vested and non-pecuniary interests. I believe the power on critical issues should rest with the people. Thus on any given issue my job as an MLA is to gauge the feelings of the community, find out what issues concern them, then gather all of the information from all of the different parties on the different subjects and present that to the public in an open and honest way, and then allow the public to decide how I’m going to vote instead of me making that decision on my own. We don’t want the public micromanaging every single detail of government, but on key issues that concern people the democratic process needs to be empowered. This is a new concept of democracy similar to what they do in Switzerland, in many ways my opinion on various issues won’t matter. Of course I will have opinions and I will communicate to people what my feelings are on an issue, but the most important thing I will do is to bring all of the information to the table and make sure everybody gets heard and that that information is as broad and as accurate and thoughtful as possible, so as that it truly informs and empowers the public to so they can make the decision not me. This is a new way of looking at the Democratic process that I support.

The problem with SOGI 123, for instance, is that all sides of the debate were not heard thus we had a great deal of animosity and resentment in the community because they were never consulted and their positions and concerns were never considered or presented to the other members of the community. If you want to see the failure of our current system you just need to look at the fact that SOGI 123 was implemented in our school systems while ignoring the single largest demographic in British Columbia. How does that happen in a democratic system? It should have never happened and direct democracy will be a new way of preventing that kind of elitist and totalitarian government, and of informing and empowering the public to solve contentious issues like this in a just and democratic way that also defers to basic human rights and constitutional rights.

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