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Transgender identified political actiVist, writer, and public speaker Jenn Smith (he/him) is running for MLA against British Columbia’s Minister of Education Rob Fleming in the riding of Victoria-Swan Lake (in BC’s capital city). Smith, who was born male but identifies as transgender, has been a leading activist in BC opposing the government’s controversial educational resource program SOGI 123, while Fleming has been a staunch defender of the program. Smith implicates SOGI 123 in the confusion of our most vulnerable children and has also been seeking for two years to get government inquiries into the mass pharmaceutical “sex reassignment” and chemical sterilization of our most vulnerable children, a call recently supported by Conservative Party leadership candidate Derek Sloan.

Transgender activist, writer, and public speaker Jenn Smith.

Smith is campaigning on a platform promising to serve as an independent voice in the legislature that does not answer to party politics or big money interests, but will instead seek to always represent average people, small business, seniors, women, and children first.

Smith, a graduate of Simon Fraser University (History/Political Science), believes our system has become hopelessly corrupted and beholden to moneyed and elite interests, and in this regard he promises to constantly seek out and expose corruption and conflicts of interest wherever they exist in government and hold leaders accountable.

Smith is also promising to move towards a direct democracy/referendum system in order to ensure MLAs vote the wishes of their constituents on key issues, rather than the wishes of the party or the powerful. The political establishment has opposed a more comprehensive form of direct democracy for a long time, preferring instead to ignore the public and reserve the most important decisions to the political elite. Jenn also believes in maximizing choice in education and health care, and ensuring these key components of our society get whatever funding and attention they need to function properly without regard to corporate / pharmaceutical profits.

On the subject of COVID-19, Smith says the most important thing is to make sure the citizens and small businesses of BC get full support and compensation for any losses caused by government lock-down measures, and that those measures should be immediately reviewed in terms of efficacy and their impact on the constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms of Canadians.

As a person that has been one of the leading targets of aggressive “cancel culture” in Canada and attempts to silence his freedom of speech (see detailed explanation below), Jenn promises to aggressively seek to restore and reinforce freedom of speech, because, says Smith, “freedom of speech is the foundation stone upon which free societies are built and stand. Without free speech all other freedoms come into immediate jeopardy.”

On the issue of Education, Smith is advocating an enhanced focus on providing equal choice in education and empowering parents to access independent distributed learning options which has been especially helpful during the pandemic. Focusing primarily on the confusing gender aspects of the program, Smith has been a strong opponent of the SOGI 123 learning resource. Education Minister Rob Fleming maintains the program is designed to make schools more inclusive for LGBTQ students and reduce bullying. Smith maintains “there are other ways to reduce bullying, but this program is dangerously confusing to our most vulnerable children and tramples both parental and religious rights. As a former foster child, I also regard this program to be part of an assault on parentless and other vulnerable youths that is benefiting the pharmaceutical industry to the tune of billions of dollars worldwide. SOGI 123 also assaults the rights of young girls by recommending their private spaces and sports be opened to males that identify as female, this is unfair to biological females as scholarships may be at stake, among other things.”

“A vote for Jenn is a vote for people, democracy, and change; a vote for anybody else is a vote for the status quo.”

Contact Jenn using the contact form here or by emailing .

Detailed backgrounder on Jenn Smith:

Smith received media attention over the past few years for leading protests and doing public talks designed to illustrate the dangers of SOGI 123 and what he calls a “criminal assault” on psychologically vulnerable youths and foster children. Smith has led and called for a National Inquiry into what he calls “the mass medical ‘sex reassignment’ and pharmaceutical castration and sterilization of psychologically and emotionally troubled children and adolescents,” a call which was recently supported by Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate Derek Sloan and has gained thousands of government validated signatures of support. In his video call for an inquiry, Smith also suggested and provided evidence that government policies that contributed to the ‘sex reassignment’ and chemical sterilization of youths may also be heavily and disproportionately targeting aboriginal children. The call for an inquiry is tentatively scheduled to be read in the House of Commons in the next few weeks or so.

Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Candidate Derek Sloan recently sponsored Jenn Smith’s petition calling for a National Inquiry into the medical “sex reassignment” and pharmaceutical sterilization of vulnerable youths

Smith made national news last year when his talk at the University of British Columbia resulted in the Vancouver Pride Society ejecting the University from the 2019 Pride Parade, and triggering a massive debate both internally at UBC and in the media regarding freedom of speech and “cancel culture” on campus. After a campaign of lies and disinformation designed to misrepresent the content of his talk (which Smith believes was initiated by persons working for the pharmaceutical industry), the talk was protested by members of the group Antifa who disrupted the event and pulled the fire alarm, clearing the building and resulting in police being called to remove the trouble-makers.

Police were called to stop a disruption created by Antifa and other protesters at Smith’s talk at the University of British Columbia last year.

Smith, a graduate of Simon Fraser University (History/Political Science), says he chose the riding for a couple of reasons: the first is obvious, namely, that this is the riding of the Minister of Education, but Smith also notes that the area has become a symbol for the dangerous erosion of freedom of speech and democracy in Canada. Together with his campaign manager, Chris McCay, Smith has staged rallies on these subjects at the BC Legislature and given four talks in the area that attracted large crowds, most notably outside the City Lights Church and the Oak Bay Pavilion which attracted hundreds of people and was covered extensively by the media.

Smith was also involved as a defendant in a recent Supreme Court case in which a father was forced against his will to facilitate the pharmaceutical “sex reassignment” of his daughter into a “boy,” a story Smith broke internationally in December of 2018.

“The political climate in our capital,” Smith said, “has become a symbol for a dangerous erosion of our most cherished and important rights: namely, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, as well as parental rights and women’s rights. People who have been paying attention should be aware that these basic freedoms are under assault in our country, and SOGI 123 is just one visible symbol of a dangerous trend towards an increasingly totalitarian government which is now criminalizing even the recognition of truth and reality. If I am elected I will seek to expose and stop this trend in our legislature, and cease the criminal assault on our most vulnerable children, as well as oppose the outrageous violations of women’s privacy and sports that recent policies (including SOGI 123) and legislation have caused. All people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, bullying and harassment should not be tolerated against anybody, but all government laws and policies must be built on a secular foundation of truth and reality, both of which have been violated by this government and our Minister of Education.”

Smith’s full campaign platform and media photos can be located at his campaign website . Smith also asks concerned parties to support our most vulnerable youths by signing a House of Commons petition to investigate why so many vulnerable kids are being medically “sex reassigned” and sterilized.

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