[Please see disclaimer at bottom of page] This provocative seven part series of interviews/discussions looks at connections between the psychology of psychopaths and pedophiles, and suggestions that society’s most vulnerable children are being preyed upon by such people in the transgender movement. This series constitutes almost a college course on getting to know the functioning of the psychopathic mind and the role of pornography and hyper-sexuality in not only producing sexual predators/pedophiles, but also the possible connection of these things to the sudden mass transitioning of children. People should be clear that the suggestion being made in this series is NOT that transgender people are predators or pedophiles, only that some such people may be working within the movement victimizing vulnerable youths as part the sudden massive program to medically transitioning minors. We also examine the rise of the “Toronto Cabal”, a group of psychologists and intellectuals centered in Toronto who are pushing a “born that way” interpretation of pedophilia and suggesting the addition of “P” to the LGBTQ, while using opposition to the transitioning of children to promote their image as “defenders of children,” which Jenn maintains is a classic case of wolves in sheep’s clothing. This series of interviews brings together two very controversial speakers:

1) Jenn-6Transgender activist and public speaker Jenn Smith, who has been arguing for years that schools are brainwashing children and that our most vulnerable children are being preyed upon by various predatory powers, especially the pharmaceutical industry. Smith has been calling for national inquiries into the transitioning of vulnerable children for two years, and is currently involved in a Supreme Court case trying to protect freedom of speech and inquiry for political activists.

2) uhlerFormer Pennsylvania State Corrections prison counselor, certified Hare Psychopathy assessor, and certified clinical trauma professional Jon K. Uhler, who spent eleven years working with sexual predators and pedophiles for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. Jon runs SurvivorSupport.net and churchprotect.org.




Video links:

aJennda with Jenn Smith 0015, Guest Jon K. Uhler:
Psychology of Sexual Predators and Pedophiles, and the Role of Pornography.
aJennda with Jenn Smith 0016, Guest Jon K. Uhler:
“Virtuous” Pedophiles, the “Toronto Cabal,” and Transgender Psychology.
aJennda with Jenn Smith 0017, Guest Jon K. Uhler:
Are Transgender Children Being Preyed Upon by Psychopaths and Predators?
Playlist containing all seven parts:

All seven parts

[If you would like to help Jenn with the financial costs of opposing the transitioning of children, you can contact Jenn by using this form .
If you would like to support Jon please go to survivorsupport.net]


[Disclaimer: Oren Amitay and James Cantor are discussed in this series and it should be clear that Jenn’s dispute with them is not so much regarding their beliefs on the transitioning of children, as both are ostensibly opposed to mass child transitioning, but the fact that both promote a dangerous new narrative that seeks to suggest society should stigmatize pedophilia and even add “P” to the LGBTQ, which Jenn regards as extremely dangerous. Jenn does not want this pro-pedophile crowd using the transgender debate to position themselves as “defenders of children” and then using that prestige capital to promote their beliefs regarding pedophiles.

It should be noted that James Cantor is not opposed to all minor medical transition, whereas Jenn believes medical transition should only be available for adults. Oren Amitay’s exact views on minor transitioning are hard to tell, clearly he claims to oppose child transition but whether or not he opposes ALL under 18 medical transitioning is unclear.

But, again, Jenn wants to make it clear that his primary conflict with both Amitay and Cantor is their support for the HIGHLY dubious “born that way” theory for pedophilia and the accompanying move towards destigmatizing sexual attraction to children as long as those people are “non-offending.” Jon and Jenn address the “non-offending pedophile” narrative and suggest why there is probably no such thing as a non-offending pedophile.]



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