Join me live on Youtube Sunday March 29 at 8:03pm Pacific time for a discussion of new evidence relating to what is happening with the pandemic virus panic and speculation regarding exactly what is driving it including overlaps with the transgender agenda. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel to get updates.

And a happy thought experiment to set up the broadcast:

“Too many detailed plans, too many coincidences, too many lies, too long … the problem here is not nature, it is the nature of the Beast:

“Never let allow a crisis to go to waste.”
– Rahm Emanuel

Nothing is as it seems, and while I am not religious, we are now into prophecy, “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.” And hell is the dystopia that was PLANNED by an ever shifting face that resembles the scramble suits of Philip K. Dick’s “A Scanner Darkly” and thus cannot be isolated, identified, or cornered. This is not the work of nature. This is not the work of God. This is the work of men who envision themselves gods, but are in fact the very epitome and manifestation of the Beast, literal or figurative, your choice:

Link: YoutubeLive


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