By Jenn Smith.

“They could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality, because they never fully grasped the enormity of what was demanded of them.”
– George Orwell.

One day all of these people in the transgender community who have been screaming that I am “not a real transgender,” that I am “a cross-dressing fraud,” and all of these other nasty assaults on my identity, are going to realize that I was the most real among them all along. In their relentless and vicious attempts to invalidate me they could not even see that they were invalidating themselves. They believed that I was fake because I spoke the truth, and because their ears had been attuned to lies.

One day all of these people who have been accusing me of trying to erase them and destroy them, will realize that I was trying to save them all along. It may not happen until after I am dead, because awakening is a very slow process.

They did not understand that the masters of “reality” had wanted them confused and distracted all along; so they cloaked them in maya, so they could not see that I was draped in truth.

And to those faux “champions” who are busy negotiating compromises with those who live in maya and speak lies, you are not only traitors to the truth, you are traitors to every single child whose mind and body is destroyed because of your compromise.

I will not surrender truth and I will not speak your lies, because this is more important than me, and it is more important than you.

If I end up being the last messenger carrying the truth, it will not matter. And if the whole world abandons me in this process, it will not matter.

All I have is the truth. I will take that with me to the grave, and you can chisel it onto my tombstone.

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