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(Footage of Canada’s most censored speaker who identifies as transgender and is hated and stalked by LGBTQ activists who are bent on silencing his message. At the time this video was published Jenn was unable to rent public venues, unable to advertise in newspapers, silenced permanently on Twitter, silenced for 30 days on Facebook (for the umpteenth time), almost completely silenced and unable to communicate to large numbers of people anymore via a pervasive system of establishment censorship. Please help spread this message)

The Jenn Smith Chronicles: Six Months of Madness, Protests, and Antifa; or, How One Transgender Speaker Stood Virtually Alone Against LGBTQ Activist Mobs, the Government, and the Entire Elite Establishment in His Attempt to Awaken People to the Victimization of Vulnerable Children and Teens By Big Pharma and Government While Being Almost completely ignored by the Mainstream, Conservative, and Alternative Media.

Warning: video contains foul language and is rated PG.


“Perhaps the most important video you will watch this year in regard to freedom of speech, the transgender activist movement, and the damage being done to vulnerable children in the process. Jenn’s testimony and plea during the last 15 minutes is powerful and should move all caring people to call for inquiries.”

“The first 45 minutes is like watching an extended freedom of speech traffic accident…you cannot take your eyes of the unending irrationality and horrid behavior of transgender activists. Almost no dialogue until the end, but probably one of the most instructive videos you will ever watch regarding the importance of protecting free speech from radical protesters and Antifa. It also teaches us something about not only the mainstream media, but also the alternative media. Why was almost none of this critically examined by the media, and where does Jonathan Kay and the National Post get off talking about “media bias” when they completely ignored this sensational story? Why was a lone transgender speaker and a few supporters left to battle mobs of irrational activists for so long without any support from the fourth or fifth estates?”

Despite identifying as transgender, Jenn Smith’s view on transgender ideology has resulted in him becoming a hated figure in the transgender and LGBT community and possibly the most censored speaker in Canada. While Jenn calls the claims of “hate speech” against him both “irrational and unfounded”, the impact of these bogus charges is very real and has generated numerous loud, large, and crazed protests. Despite Jenn being perhaps the most censored speaker in Canada, this censorship has gone largely unanalyzed by not only the left and right mainstream media (who are the primary censors), but also by the so-called “fifth estate” or “alternative media” who have ignored the dramatic footage in this video and its implications.

Here is just a sample of the censorship Jenn has encountered while both the left and right media remained silent or chose instead to spread lies and defamation of Jenn, while almost ever giving Jenn a chance to defend himself.

Of the dozens and dozens of negative radio and TV discussions and articles written about Jenn during the UBC faisco, not one of the media outlets made any attempt to speak to Jenn to get his side of the story. How does one make sense of this while adhering to the notion that a journalist is “unbiased.”

Censorship of Jenn this Year:

Many public venues denied or cancel Jenn’s talks.

Colleges and Universities where administration either denied or
cancelled talks by Jenn Smith:

University of Victoria
Camosun College
Trinity Western University
Douglas College (despite the fact Jenn is alumni and completed an Associate’s Degree there before going on to Simon Fraser University).

While University of British Columbia allowed Jenn’s talk to go ahead, they charged triple the usual security fees, and the security team then let masked Antifa protesters into the talk who then proceeded to disrupt and eventually pulled the fire alarm emptying the lecture room; the Vancouver Pride Society subsequently lied about the content of Jenn’s talk and kicked UBC out of the 2019 Pride Parade for allowing Jenn to talk about big pharma, child medical transitioning, as well as women’s privacy and rights.”

Simon Fraser University is “considering” allowing Jenn to talk there.

Three Cities have refused to rent any public venues to Jenn Smith:

Victoria (the capital city),
Oak Bay,
New Westminster.

The two largest newspaper chains in BC, Post Media and Black Press, both have refused to publish ads for Jenn’s events. Facebook regularly suspends Jenn and cancels his ads, while Twitter has permanently banned him from the platform for saying he will not refer to men as women, at least not in public forums where it matters.

When Jenn tried to have a last minute talk at the HUB community space in Victoria in order to make an official public call for an inquiry, both the Mayor of Victoria and the Minister of Education tried to apply pressure to get it shut down.

Thanks to the Freedom Free for All team and Adam Blainey, as well as Andreas Paller, Bryton Cherrier, and the many others who took video of the events. Big thank you to Chris McCay of the Canadian Christian Lobby who has co-sponsored most of the Erosion of Freedom talks, as well as to the many others who got involved trying to keep me speaking. No thanks to Meghan Murphy (who has never typed my name even when writing about free speech and even though we live 45 minutes from each other) or many others allegedly on this side of the debate that did everything in their power to make sure I got as little exposure as possible.

Because of the sensitivity of this debate I have not listed many people by name, if you want your name listed please contact me.

Without further adieu, the video (please share far and wide):

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  1. A relevant read …. Governor of Tavistock Foundation Quits Over Damning Report Into Gender Identity Clinic, by Jamie Doward, The Guardian, 24/02/2019. Avail online.


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