Are as many as 1 in 10 foster children identifying as transgender compared to 1 in 200 in the general population? Are 30% of transgender youths autistic compared to 1.7% in the general population? Transgender speaker Jenn Smith has evidence suggesting these startling stats are accurate and is thus calling for immediate government inquiries into what is happening to our most vulnerable children.


Transgender speaker opposed to child transition and deliberately confusing educational programs such as SOGI 123, Jenn Smith (a former ward of the province and foster child in BC), repeats his call for provincial & national inquiries into the mass medical transitioning of foster children and other vulnerable youths. Smith, who went through six different homes as a foster child in BC, argues that our most vulnerable kids are being recklessly and ruthlessly fed to an insatiable pharmaceutical ogre that will turn them into life-long pharmaceutical customers and cause irreversible changes to their bodies and lives, including permanent sterilization.

Smith gives evidence that not only are foster kids and kids with psychological conditions being preyed upon, but also the nation’s indigenous children, and programs such as SOGI 123 are facilitating this predatory system. Jenn is calling on ALL politicians and media outlets to stand up and join Jenn in the call for inquiries.

MUST WATCH: Video presenting evidence of the targeting of vulnerable children.

Smith claims repeated calls for government and media attention have been completely ignored and he now regards these bodies as complicit in what is happening. A list is being compiled of politicians and media outlets that have been informed and urged to call for an immediate inquiry.

“What is worse,” said Smith, “is rather than our politicians and media asking serious questions about what is happening, our media and government have instead tried to demonize and silence me. We saw this at my small talk at the Hub Community Space in Victoria on October 10, where not only did a mob of protesters try to intimidate myself and those attending, but there were also attempts ahead of time by both our Education Minister Rob Fleming and Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps to pressure the venue into shutting the talk down. Whether this is the raw exercise of government and activist power, or whether this the financial power of the pharmaceutical industry at work (or both), is not clear. This represents a fundamental breakdown in the honesty and responsiveness of our government and media, none of whom have given me a fair hearing during my nearly three years in this debate. Their lies and distortions about what I represent and talk about have actually placed me in physical danger and destroyed my reputation and ability to communicate important facts that affect not only our most vulnerable youths, but also women’s rights and freedom of speech.”

Smith is available for comment by using the contact form on this page. Politicians interested in facilitating an inquiry provincially, nationally, or internationally should use the same form to contact Jenn.

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