Press release: Abbotsford based transgender identified public speaker Jenn Smith is bringing his highly controversial talk to the Abbotsford Social Activity Association building (33889 Essendene Ave) on Sunday August 18 from 6:30pm-8:30pm + q&a.

Smith speaking to a packed house in Abbotsford last year.

Smith’s talk, entitled “The Erosion of Freedom: How Transgender Politics in School and Society is Undermining Our Freedom and Harming Women & Children,” was last presented at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in June and was greeted by a large protest including members of Antifa who took over the talk floor until a fire alarm was pulled emptying the building (see talk details here).

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Transgender rights activist Brad Dirks leads protest at UBC that resulted in three protesters being detained by RCMP after the fire alarm was pulled to disrupt the event and an audience member was allegedly assaulted by an Antifa member who as seen walking with Dirks to the event.
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Dirks, who Smith calls “a shameless and brazen liar,” is seen here walking to the event carrying a rainbow colored wooden club while accompanied by a masked Antifa member who fled the lecture hall after the fire alarm was pulled and police arrived.

UBC was subsequently ejected as an official participant in this year’s Pride Parade for having allowed Smith’s talk on campus. Smith then walked the streets of this year’s Pride Parade with a sign calling the Pride Society liars, and said characterizations of the talk as “hateful” or promoting “discrimination” are outright lies. Smith has said he will be filing a civil lawsuit against the Pride Society as well Brad Dirks and others (including media) that have repeated these unfounded lies.

Smith posing for a photo at the Pride Parade with a sign he carried through the crowd during the parade, until Pride Society staff chased him away with a giant black tarp carried by multiple Pride Society staff members.
The giant tarp/net used to chase Smith down the sidewalk.

Smith has done talks in Abbotsford before, but this is the first time he has done his new and highly controversial “Erosion of Freedom” talk here. A large portion of Smith’s talk analyzes SOGI 123 and the threat he believes transgender ideology poses to vulnerable children, many of whom go on to use highly toxic drugs to alter their appearance. Smith implicates the pharmaceutical industry in what he calls “an assault on our children.” Smith also looks at how transgender related laws and policies are not only trampling women’s rights to privacy and their own programs, but is also undermining freedom of speech (hence the title of the talk).

Smith appeared recently on RT America and in a popular documentary by Rebel Media on the Jessica Yaniv fiasco (see videos at bottom of this release). Yaniv is a transgender identified person that is currently taking legal action against female salon workers who refused to do hair removal around his male genitals (Yaniv claims to be a woman with a male body). Smith has cited this case as just one example of what he has been warning about for some time now.

Jenn Smith talks to TV crews outside the Jessica Yaniv Human Rights hearing in Vancouver on July 26.

The media is welcome to attend the talk, but the presentation is copyrighted and no audio or video recordings are permitted. Smith will be available for questions and comments on site.

This event has a $5 minimum donation entrance fee at the door (in order to regulate attendance). While the event is co-sponsored by the Canadian Christian Lobby, Smith’s talk itself is secular in nature and makes no religious references (Smith is not a Christian).

Note: Section 176 of Canadian Criminal Code makes it illegal to deliberately disrupt a meeting assembled for moral and social purposes, and Smith promises to file for charges against anybody that breaks the law. Section 430 of the Criminal Code also applies. Canadian case-law has made it clear protests are only allowed off property.

Recent video interviews with Jenn Smith:

4 thoughts on “Press release: Controversial Abbotsford based transgender public speaker Jenn Smith brings his “Erosion of Freedom” talk to Abbotsford

  1. Hey, girl! Utterances are not copyrightable. Only an artistic or literary work (in this context) that is fixed in a tangible form is copyrightable. Hence, no, just as transgender activists cannot make up new definitions of “penis” and “female” in order to invade women’s spaces, you can’t make up new definitions of “copyrighted” in order to keep people from recording your presentation.

    Why in the hell would you not want it recorded? The minute it gets posted online literally anywhere it’ll get banned, and then you’ll have a new thing to complain about.


    1. You seem to think you are pretty smart there Bucko. I think you better consult an intellectual property lawyer like I did, and maybe the intellectual property department at Soundcloud who just agreed with me and took down a recording because they actually know the law whereas you don’t. My presentation was copyright the moment I wrote it down in fixed form on paper and in powerpoint, all recordings, transcripts etc are what are called “derivative works” and are illegal.
      Why I keep my presentation proprietary is none of your business and I am not interested in your presumptions, since your presumptions are probably going to be about as accurate as your copyright knowledge.
      Lectures and speeches are protected in Canadian Law, and my presentations are covered at every level because I publish and make express copyright statements. Ask any media outlet if they would record my presentation. Not one will because they know they will get sued. Same with you. Back to the books or some relevant reading. This applies to class lectures as well. Civil and criminal remedies are both available to me for anybody violating my copyright. I am pursuing a criminal remedy right now actually for a particularly stubborn case, she will then be sued civilly as well.


    2. Speeches and lectures are not “utterances”. They are almost always written down first, the very act of which makes them copyright instantly, and any reproduction written or recorded becomes a “derivative work.” Were I just talking casually it would be different.


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