Controversial transgender identified speaker Jenn Smith has opened a file with the Vancouver Police asking for charges against Pride Society staff and organizers for what he calls an attempted assault and harassment that occurred during the Pride Parade in Vancouver on Sunday August 4. Smith has said he will be pursuing civil action too as he believes his civil rights were violated.

Smith said, “I, as somebody that identifies as transgender and has been bisexual most of my life, was walking peacefully down public sidewalks and on public property quietly holding up a sign [see image below]. I was not yelling and I very gently made my way through the crowd. I wanted to let people know that UBC was banned from the parade based on lies that were told by the Pride Society about my presentation.”

“Eventually I was greeted by a group of Pride Society staff with radios who suggested I had no right to be doing what I was. I informed them I was on public property/sidewalks that were open to everybody, not in a restricted area (as the photos show), and was not bothering anybody with my sign.”

“Pride Staff subsequently got what amounted to a large black net (see images below) and began chasing me with it in what I believed was an attempt to wrap me up (which is a tactic Antifa has used for purposes of violence). I had to continually scurry to the right and towards the crowd to avoid what I thought was an attempt to wrap the net around me. I was already dehydrated and tired after walking for almost two hours in the heat. I am 54, I was quite alarmed and humiliated to be chased around like this on a public street for making a simple statement. They chased me onto a  hill at one point and I could have been injured, possibly sprained or broken my ankle as I twisted my foot during the process. Had they ensnared me in their vinyl/nylon net, already fatigued and dehydrated, I could have had a heart attack or heat stroke.”

“This was a totally unexpected attack. I was expecting the possibility people might question my sign, but I was not expecting to be chased  by a group of Pride Staff with a giant net. Under whose authority do they chase a private citizen down the street with a giant net risking harm? Are they licensed and trained to harass people that way? What if I had suffered serious harm? The Pride Society may believe they own downtown Vancouver, but they don’t, and they have no legal authority to harass and chase citizens down the sidewalks.”

“This incident is further proof that radical LGBTQ activism has become totalitarian in character, and absolutely intolerant (aka, bigoted) against any views that go against the prevailing orthodoxy. The LGBTQ activist community (and I use activist advisedly, because many gays and lesbians support me) has become that which they claim to hate, namely, grossly and aggressively intolerant.”

“Here I posed for a photo with a woman I met downtown whom I did not know personally before the event, but whom wanted to walk the sidewalks with me to protest in favor of women’s rights and privacy, and against the medical transition of children, both of which are positions I support.”
Smith can be seen here after several earlier scampering sessions with pride Staff (seen on the right with the net, more photos below, who tried to encircle Smith) who was simply trying to walk with his sign, staff gave up the chase shortly after this photo was taken.

Smith, who has been giving public talks all across BC has been the subject of great controversy as he addresses the topic of how various transgender policies and programs are (in his opinion) endangering vulnerable children, women’s rights, and freedom of speech. Smith’s talks have been greeted with protests and repeated attempts to shut him down, including an Antifa supported disruption at UBC.

UBC’s decision to allow Smith to speak on campus resulted in their being ejected as official participants in this year’s Pride Parade, which was a large part of the reason Smith decided to go to the parade — he says the charges against him are lies and misrepresentations. Smith has vowed to keep on speaking and is currently scheduled to speak in Abbotsford on August 18.

[Note in the aftermath of this, Green Party candidate Nicola Spurling posted photos of the woman I met downtown and has labeled her using the hateful slur “TERF”, which has been used around the globe to justify violence against women.  See screenshot below:


More photos and screenshots at the bottom:

Smith’s Facebook featured the following summary immediately after the event:
“Shame on Vancouver Pride Society! Chasing a 54 year-old trans identified man and trying to catch him in a net for holding a sign that says “The Pride Society Lied.” I have seen these nets before (big wide black nets carried by four people) so it took me a second but I clued in that they were trying to net me pretty quick and immediately got as close to the crowd as possible. But I said, “what the hell is wrong with you? Get away from me.” I told them, “this is a public street and public beach, don’t you dare interfere with my right to express myself.” The lead woman then lied and said, “you threatened us.” I said, “bullshit, I don’t threaten people you nut, get away from me.”
They tried hard to catch me, but my strategy would have required them to bowl over innocent spectators to get me. Apparently they did not drill hard enough before the parade…. could not even catch a 54 year old heat exhausted and dehydrated trans. Pathetic.
Funny thing is it was the Pride [staff] security and they asked the VPD to help catch me as we walked past a group of them and the police just looked at them bored and ignored them (they were apparently enjoying the parade).
Packed streets, had to squeeze through, lots of people saw me and my sign. A fair number of people obviously knew me, some snide comments, jeers, a lot of dirty looks, and “can you just leave and go home?” Surprisingly there were a few gay guys that came up to me and said “we support you” [no doubt those that still understand the importance of protecting free speech].”



5 thoughts on “Press Release: Jenn Smith Taking Legal Action Against the Pride Society.

  1. I’m relatively new to this fight and I’m having trouble believing how quickly it’s going downhill. In full support of you pursuing all potential legal actions, including seeking the prosecution of the Pride staff for attempted kidnapping. What fucking right did they have to chase you?

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  2. I’m very glad you’re okay! Hopefully, the police will take this seriously. (I wonder if the VPS is beginning to regret excluding uniformed police from the march?) I’ve just recently read “The Origins of Totalitarianism”, by Hannah Arendt, and you are absolutely right about this being a totalitarian movement. I don’t think this is really about “trans rights” per se; it’s about normalising the elevation of ideology over objective reality. It’s truly horrifying that Arendt was able to describe, so acurately, something occuring 70 years in her future.
    For the benefit of those who haven’t read it, she identified all of the following as features and tactics of totalitarian movements:
    1. The aforementioned elevation of ideology over objective reality, and an open contempt for reason, logic and common sense.
    2. The use of mobs, intimidation, violence and threats to silence criticism. This also causes people to police their own thoughts and speach.
    3. The infiltration of major social institutions (government, media, legal system, academic, medical/psychiatric, scientific, religious, and civil rights organisations, etc.) by supporters of the movement, and the gradual purging of anyone who opposes their aims. Some of these infiltrated groups will later be blamed for the crimes of the totalitarian movement.
    4. Using ideological jargon, banning words, and changing the definitions of common words (often to the exact opposite of their commonly understood meaning) so as to make communication difficult, if not impossible.
    5. A demand for strict ideological purity. Even the slightest deviation is harshly punished.
    6. Lying and deliberately misrepresenting the views of their opponents. Accusing their opponents of doing everything they themselves are doing.
    People are making a huge mistake in thinking this is a left/right political issue. Both “sides” have been infiltrated. For example, two thirds of conservatives who voted on C-16, voted for it.
    I know you know all this, Jenn. Thank you for standing against it. I’m deeply grateful for your integrity, intelligence and bravery.


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