Press Release, July 25:

This press release is to inform you that transgender speaker and critic of transgender laws and programs in BC, Jenn Smith, will be attending the Jessica Yaniv hearing at the BC Human Rights Tribunal on Friday July 26th at 9:30 AM.

Smith will be accompanied by a small group of citizens that wish to show their support for the women being harassed by Yaniv and to show their disdain for the laws and policies that have allowed this travesty to happen.

Smith, despite identifying as transgender, has been a vocal opponent not only of SOGI 123, but of various laws and programs in BC related to transgender issues that he believes violate the rights of women and endanger our most vulnerable children. Smith has said, “this gathering is not designed as a protest per se or to in any way disrupt or disturb the proceedings of the tribunal or anybody attending. It is simply designed to show support for the women who were unfairly targeted and charged, and to indicate disapproval of government policies that have allowed this travesty to happen. The BCHRT itself has become an agent of state oppression and this is just the latest example of why it should be disbanded.”

Smith further commented, “the Yaniv tribunal is an example of a fundamentally broken system that tramples both physical reality and the rights of women and citizens in general under the fallacious presumption that these bizarre and draconian measures will help promote LGBTQ rights and tolerance. The trampling of women’s rights to their own programs and privacy, as well as the trampling of physical/biological reality, is not required to promote LGBTQ rights in general, and is in fact harmful to the community.”

Smith would also like to state that he regards the Pride Society’s subsequent uninviting of the Vancouver Public Library to the Pride Parade, due to its hosting of Meghan Murphy’s talk and after having similarly uninvited UBC for hosting Jenn Smith’s talk, as being yet another indication that LGBTQ activists have become power drunk and are now fundamentally opposed to freedom of speech and expression. Smith notes, “as somebody that has been both transgender and bisexual for most of my life, I regard recent trends in LGBTQ activism to be harmful to the community and its interests, because it is generating hostility towards us.”

Jenn is encouraging all women particularly that are opposed to the trampling of their rights to privacy and their own programs, but also anybody else opposed to this nonsense, to join Jenn at the BCHRT Friday morning at 9:30am at 605 Robson Street, Vancouver.

Smith will be available for comment on site and will be publishing an article on this issue shortly.

P.S.: Woman; an adult human female.

[Suggested protocol for the BCHRT gathering:
We take the high ground. That means we are not there to disrupt or interfere. This is a show of support for the women and for the right to physical reality. The other side disrupts and behaves badly, not us. We represent class, truth, control, and respect. No foul language, no yelling, no insults, and of course peaceful conduct.]

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