By Jenn Smith

We have been led to believe a lie. One of countless lies currently extant: namely, that colleges and universities and public venues are champions of free speech and free thought. It is not true.

One university and college after another has refused to allow me to rent their facilities, which are otherwise available to the public.  And what terrible things do I say that necessitates these bans?

I say that men are not women. I say that youths should not be medically transitioned. I say that big pharma is corrupting our science. I say that women’s rights are being trampled by insane laws and policies that allow males to take part in women’s sports and be housed in women only facilities. I say that government is eroding our freedoms and trampling free speech. Apparently all of this is terrible “hate speech” and puts everybody in danger. So I must not be allowed to speak and people must not be allowed to hear my “hateful” words. No evidence of actual hate speech is required. No official criminal charges of hate speech are required. Simply the word of any 19 year old Antifa member and/or his friends phoning in is sufficient.

Even the University of British Columbia (UBC), who did ultimately allow me to speak on campus, was not exactly a willing defender of free speech. UBC actually tried to price me out of speaking by increasing the security fee from an already expensive $500 for four hours to $1250 plus tax, and then giving us one day to pay it or face cancellation. That the security concern was a threat caused by others and not by me was irrelevant. That the threat was being deliberately caused to try to shut me down was irrelevant. The fact I always behave and never cause problems was irrelevant. Angry ruffians had decided they did not like me thus I had to be forced to pay big money to speak. When we reluctantly paid the extra money, the security they forced us to pay for ultimately failed to do their job and allowed masked protesters into the talk who then (shocker) caused a disruption and pulled a fire alarm. When protesters occupied the lecture floor and were asked to leave but refused, security refused to do anything about it.

UBC has also said they are going to be reviewing their free speech policy now to see if talks like mine should be allowed in the future, because they do not want to offend the ruffians that caused a scene and took a swing at an innocent audience member. 

So let’s not go calling UBC great heroes of free speech just yet, they were bound by their own policies regarding free speech and are now planning on reviewing those policies because of me. If they were such great champions of free speech they would not be reviewing their policy at all which has been in place and worked fine for many decades. Now because of me they are reviewing it? Why? Because I say men cannot be women and we should not medically transition children or adolescents etc? Is that so terrible they have to review their free speech policy? Whether they change their policy or not remains to be seen.

Below is a list of colleges and universities that have (over the last few months) denied me the right to rent their facilities that are otherwise open to the public. They have discriminated against me because of what others do, not what I do. The list includes a college I attended and completed an associate’s degree, Douglas College, who apparently could care less about the right of alumni to speak there. This list will be updated soon to include public venues and (probably) another university.












My alma mater, Simon Fraser University also confirmed by telephone in late 2019 that they would not permit me to speak on campus.

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