In regard to the planned rally on Saturday June 15 which is being promoted by Culture Guard, I have officially pulled out of the rally, however I am also advising all of my followers and others planning on attending the rally that my initial concerns are perhaps more relevant than I originally understood in terms of the potential for trouble.

I had explained to Kari Simpson that my concern regarding this event was that an outdoor environment was difficult to control and in light of recent protests against myself I was highly skeptical about the ability to hold a rally that could be adequately controlled. Those that know me will know this has nothing to do with the fact it is a Christian-focused event, as I have nothing but respect for the Christian community in general.

Although aggressive protests have followed me in recent weeks, this is not my desire and I certainly prefer order to chaos.


When my second Victoria talk was planned the Soldiers of Odin announced that they planned on patrolling the area to protect free speech and keep the peace. When I learned that counter-protesters were planning on deliberately provoking the Soldiers of Odin by threatening them with violence, I decided to officially request the Soldiers of Odin not attend my event as I did not want chaos in the streets. The Soldiers of Odin were kind enough to respect my request. Despite protesters outside my talk the event went ahead without incident.

When I learned about the Christian-focused Culture Guard rally in downtown Vancouver I expressed my concerns about the ability to keep control of such an event. The fact I was not invited to planning meetings regarding this event and was kept in the dark regarding the attendees and planned subjects being discussed (despite requests that I be provided with all this info ahead of time) left me feeling uncertain regarding the character of the event. My experience with outdoor events of this nature is they are difficult to control at the best of times. Almost 20 police and private security could not control my last rally in Victoria in September during which we were drowned out by whistles and screaming by counter-protesters.

All of this made me very uneasy about attending the rally, and my feeling was that by attending the rally I might actually increase the odds of a dysfunctional protest occurring.

I expressed all of these concerns to Kari Simpson, the head of Culture Guard (I am not a member of Culture Guard), and she assured me it would be a controlled event. I was, however, unaware (and Kari did not let me know although it is clear she knew) that there is a pro-Choice rally/march taking place outside the Museum (on the exact same property Kari has planned her event for) at about the same time. Placing pro-Choice protesters and religious fundamentalists in the same space at the same time is in my opinion highly ill-advised and caters to conflict. I was shocked that Kari did not inform me of this planned event when she knew what my concerns were in terms of avoiding a chaotic situation. I regard the with-holding of this information from myself and others planning on attending the event as disconcerting and irresponsible at a very minimum. Instead of warning me about the presence of a large potentially conflicting crowd, I was assured there would be no problems.

It is with this in mind that I am advising my supporters to only go to this rally with caution and knowing that those of a radically different ideology will be present in large numbers, thus the possibility for conflict is real.

With the pro-choice march in the same location as this Christian focused rally downtown Vancouver on June 15, I believe even more so that I am helping reduce the chance of conflict by not attending. The rabid protesters that came after me in other locations will not be attracted to this almost exclusively Christian event.

I still do not think it is a good idea to put two radically different worldviews in the same place protesting at the same time, and I am not sure why civic planners allowed two radically different groups on the same weekend on the same property. Are they hoping for conflict?

I took some heat for calling it “Christian-focused” Rally, but the list of guests I received makes it clear it is virtually a West Coast Christian Accord (WCCA) event.
Guest list:
RONALD BROWN – Redeemed Christian Church of God (WCCA)
KAELEY TRILLER – Christian Co-founder of Hands Across the Aisle.

With huge numbers planned for the the pro-Choice protest and a large counter-rally protest being planned,

my suspicion was that the organizers might actually be hoping for a big protest, but calling it “family friendly” is irresponsible.

Whatever the goals of the organizers, the protesters should know I won’t be there. I do not want chaos, and hopefully we do not see that.

2 thoughts on “Jenn Smith’s Press Release Regarding His Withdrawal From the Christian Focused Transgender Rally in Vancouver

  1. They don’t trust you, because sooner or later, you might realize that you’re being used.

    You wrote: “Are they hoping for conflict?”

    Yes. It is how they intend to get attention, and win sympathy as victims.

    Think about it.


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