“I’m a graduate of Simon Fraser University and a former disciple of Noam Chomsky. I am aghast at the spineless nature of the academic community today, but I was thinking TWU would be different since this is a topic that concerns many Christians. Ideas and worldviews have to be aggressively defended or they will be destroyed by competing ideas. The marketplace of ideas is not a place for intellectual weaklings. Instead of standing strong, TWU has chosen to prostrate itself to activists who would just as soon destroy or completely co-opt their entire institution. If TWU represents the vanguard of the Christian community, then the Christian community is in a lot of trouble.”

2 thoughts on “My statement to the media regarding Trinity Western University canceling my talk

  1. A common denominator I keep hearing in these cancellations is the venues aren’t really clear on the content of the talk when they agree to the booking until after people complain and create resistance. Could there be value in follow on research with the venue people to understand how the talk contents could have been sufficiently clarified up front to prevent cancellation?


    1. In terms of free speech, who cares what the content is? Especially from a university perspective. We give a general description, which is all that is required. I am not going to give ten page discourses. The talk is not misrepresented by ME, it s misrepresented by the other side. They say it is not as described, but only after the other aside has given them a false alternate description. I am sick of having people suggest *I* should be more forthright when the problem is not me, it is the liars mischaracterizing me and everybody including you gives the benefit of the doubt to the vicious hateful anti-free speech liars on the other side every single time.


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