RE: the virtual riot in Oak Bay / Victoria BC on Thursday May 2, 2019, that falsely labeled a transgender speaker as a hater and silenced him from speaking on transgender issues.

Statement by Jenn Smith:

What happened to me in Oak Bay, which is really a part of our province’s capital Victoria, is an illustration of exactly what I was trying to warn society about in my presentation. The media et al would have you believe my presentation was all about SOGI 123, it was not.

One of my primary concerns was that we have a creeping totalitarianism emerging in our nation, and that we have elements in our society who are using the concerns of the LGBTQ community as a tool and a cover to usher in a form of soft totalitarianism, which features the utilization of Brown Shirt goon tactics designed to silence opposition — tactics virtually indistinguishable from the tactics used in pre-fascist Germany, where opposition voices to the fascists were harassed, shamed, intimidated, or otherwise silenced.

I have said this all along: This has nothing to do with the LGBTQ community in general, this has to do with Elite elements in our society using the LGBTQ community via mobilizing activist organizations and confused youths, who frequently don’t even know what they’re protesting.

By harassing, defaming, shaming, and ultimately intimidating and silencing an opposing view, they are assaulting one of the foundations upon which free societies are built and stand, and this should be concerning to everybody. This was not only an assault on my right to speak an opposing opinion, it was an assault on the general public’s right to hear an opposing opinion. We have a collection of interests who have decided that certain viewpoints shall not be heard by anybody.

I was the victim of targeted and deliberate harassment and defamation, by political figures and activists. A complacent and at points virtually complicit media made little attempt to ascertain the truth. Unfortunately for those truly interested in the truth, this complacence extends to the alternative media.

A massive mob was assembled to shut down “hate speech” that did not exist. A massive mob was assembled to shut down a transgender speaker from speaking on transgender issues.

Those claiming to support love and inclusion and toleration, showered me with hatred, intolerance, and exclusion. This campaign of hatred against me was begun with attacks on my social media. Killing my Twitter account and shutting down my main Facebook account prior to my tour. It culminated in a massive pitchfork mob causing chaos and a near riot, that had to be brought under control by the police.

Nobody in the media has shown any interest in getting a full description of what happened. We have much of it on video. People should be asking why this incredible event is being ignored by the media.

This was a bizarre and frightening assault on freedom of speech, and a deliberate and unfair demonization of a person via a collective effort.

This incident is showing us many things at the same time and people need to pay attention. Which parties are truly interested in the truth? Of our allies, particularly those who are high-ranking and who have seats in so-called “truth-telling” alternative media, which ones are interested in really bringing the truth to you and which ones are just interested in engaging in a campaign of dividing the people?

The Trilateral Commission once suggested that we had a “crisis of democracy,” only the crisis for them was that we had too much democracy. I believe we now have a true crisis of democracy, but in the opposite sense in which the foundations upon which a functioning democracy stands are being assaulted under the pretense of love, inclusion, and anti-bullying. I have never been subjected to so much hatred, exclusion, and bullying in my life.

6 thoughts on “Press Statement by Jenn Smith: A crisis of democracy.

  1. So sorry for you.
    These people are brainwashed idiots with programmed thinking patrons. Free speech means nothing to them.


  2. Behind the harassment, defamation and all kinds of attacks against you is fear. The evil power fears that the truth would be told because Truth exposes the darkness and sets free those who are confused and struggling under the lies of transgender ideology – that is a man can be a woman, a woman can be a man, and a girl can be a boy, a boy can be a girl, etc.


  3. Mayor Helps is a piece of work.

    She deceptively removed the Statue of John A. MacDonald showing an irreverence for those who sacrificed much to Found this country. Through blood, sweat and tears this country was formed.

    Mayor Helps makes a further mockery of Canadian freedoms by challenging Victoria residents to participate in the fast of Ramadan last year.

    Ms. Helps is using her position to foolishly pander and push her own agenda to her own demise. For without the Freedoms and Democracy by which this country is governed Ms. Helps would be unable to live according to the current lifestyle she has chosen as it would be considered outside societal norms.

    Ms.Helps needs to pick a side and she needs to respect the differing views of others and remain neutral while in office.


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