By Jenn Smith.

Transgender ideology has come full circle. Since I am banned from almost every major social media platform for speaking the truth, it is with only a slight bit of fanfare that I announce for you today the new identity of “transmanwoman” (and later its inverse), but you former women can just call yourselves a “transwoman” now if you feel that is right.  I first announced this identity as a concept over one year ago, but today it gets its official launch, and all you bigots out there better respect this new identity or else.
We all know that people who previously identified as men can now identify as women. Typically they will call themselves “transwomen.” This is a protected identity by most governments now. But this however has set a legal precedent, because logically women must now also be permitted to identify as transwomen. It requires only a small mental adjustment. If you were “assigned” female at birth, you can just identify as a male that identifies as a female. What is wrong with that? Well, in today’s world of everything is okay, nothing of course!
You may feel that there is nothing special about being a regular, boring woman or the dreaded “uterus-haver,” and might prefer to be thought of as a man that identifies as a woman. A man that identifies as a woman is of course a very special and exciting person that has even more rights than a regular woman. For instance, a man that identifies as a woman can use whatever sex segregated facilities they want. They can be gay, lesbian, heterosexual, bisexual, or all of these things depending on your mood.
A woman that wants to identify as a man that identifies as a woman may feel that her dating options will be enhanced if men believe that she has a penis; if a man discovers or suggests that she does not have a penis she can just deny the hateful allegation and insist he love her woman man clitoris penis and call him a hateful Nazi if he does not like it, and perhaps report him to the police as a hate criminal.

A person assigned female at birth may feel she wants all of these options because it aligns with her identity and feelings, which of course must be respected.


So we present to you the new “transmanwoman” (aka, transwoman). Any women feeling this way may now identify themselves as transgender without changing their clothes or appearance in anyway, and abstain from damaging hormones and surgery. Just think how easy it will be for you to “pass” as a woman and how jealous other transwomen will be. You can enter drag contests and take home all the top prizes. You can enter Rupaul’s Drag Race, and he better not discriminate against you based on your biological sex, that is illegal. Now you can also be the host of “Drag Queen Story Time” at your local library, and if those kiddies were confused before, just wait until you get done talking to them.

And we encourage you to speak out about transgender issues perhaps apply for transgender scholarships and positions in transgender organizations. Anybody questioning your new identity should be regarded as transphobic hate mongers and reported to the appropriate authorities for potential arrest as we have seen elsewhere.

Now all of this of course applies to the inverse. Men who want to identify as women that identify as men, can now do so too, and demand they be treated as transgender because they identify as a woman that identifies as a man, and thus are transgender. Transgender ideology tells us this biological obsession with genitalia etcetera is all irrelevant anyway, so how dare anybody question this? These new transgender identities thus deserve equal protection under the law.

May this usher in a new era of true transgender equality. I therefore suggest that the ouroboros be adopted as the new symbol of transgender ideology. Now with all this being said, I must admit, as a transgender person myself, I am left feeling even more confused about my identity than I ever was — fortunately for me there is endless therapy sessions with psychologists if I want, and a virtual cornucopia of chemical cocktails available from my local psychiatrist. I will be okay … I think.

5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Logical End of Transgender Ideology: The New TransManWoman and TransWomanMan

  1. Spot on, as always. In times where people actually put „check for pronouns daily“ on their Twitter bio, everything that „trans“ used to mean is effectively meaningless. Everybody fits under the trans umbrella, because if you’re not Barbie or GI Joe, then you question gender and are nonbinary. I’m asking myself what feminists have tirelessly fought for for decades when we’re back at „girls like pink and dolls and boys like blue and cars“ in 2019. Thanks for at least making me smile a little Jenn…

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  2. I want to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of post-menopausal females (not “women”, as we are all supposed to believe that trans-women also have “menopause”)
    Medicare asks us our GENDER now, not our sex.
    Part D refuses to cover hormone replacement therapy for females. However trans-gender women, men who wish to appear female, have unlimited high dose estrogen covered for life.
    Can I, should I, declare myself a trans woman now, because of the inner cowboy I discovered when I was 8? I know I’m really a male deep inside, who for my own reasons, decided to become a woman, now that I have thirteen grandchildren?


    1. There is no logical reason why somebody born female cannot declare themselves to be a transgender woman. It is no more illogical for a man to say he feels like a woman than it is for a woman to say that she feels like a man who feels like a woman. If you feel like a man who feels like a woman and that you are lacking in estrogen, then you should be entitled to all the medical benefits that a man who feels like a woman is entitled to.

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