I just came back from Burnaby where I have filed an official complaint with the BC Ombudsperson’s Office against the majority members of the Chilliwack School Board as well as the acting Superintendent: Dan Coulter, Willow Reichelt, Jared Mumford, David Swankey, and Rohan Arul-Pragasam.

I have been asked by a delegation of tax payers to present concerns for them to the Board. We have stated that we have concerns related to mattersĀ  directly within their jurisdiction and legal responsibility, and which pertain to the health and safety of the children of Chilliwack. They refuse to hear those concerns. They are now negligent and placing Chilliwack’s most vulnerable children at risk.

Our complaint cites evidence of a deliberate political and identity-based bias, and that the majority members of the Board are violating their own policies. I also provide evidence that Chairman Dan Coulter has lied in an official communication, and that the majority are deliberately excluding input from a large concerned portion of the Community, in direct violation of School Board policy.

I further provide evidence that Willow Reichelt has discriminated against me personally based on my identity and inferred that I am not the right kind of trans to speak before the Board, thus violating BC’s Human Rights code that stipulates you cannot discriminate based on identity or political beliefs.

I have told the BC Ombudsperson’s Office that sensible School Boards like Abbotsford have allowed dissenting voices to be heard and thus there has been no animosity or conflict in the community, whereas the Chilliwack Board’s quasi-dictatorship has chosen instead to silence opposing views and thus deliberately foster animosity in the community.

The Board is egregiously negligent and devoid of even the very most basic sense of public diplomacy.

More details and a full release of documentation supporting the allegations are forthcoming.

One thought on “Chilliwack Delegation Represented by Jenn Smith Files Complaint with the BC Ombudsperson’s Office against the majority Members of the Chilliwack School Board.

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