Jenn Smith: Transgender identified male.
Education: Degrees in History and Political Science.
Born: Oliver, British Columbia, December 29, 1964.

Public Presentation: The Erosion of Freedom: How Transgender Politics in
School and Society is Undermining Freedom and Harming Women & Children

Public Speaker: Jenn has given countless public talks in churches and community centers all across BC. While raised in Christian homes, Jenn is not religious but has enormous respect for religion because he does believe in God. As a transgender person he brings a perspective you can be assured is respectful of diversity and human rights, but which is firmly rooted in reality and the need to protect our children and our rights. Jenn has also presented to School Boards. Clink here to see a brief clip from his public talk.

Writer: Jenn has written extensively on this topic including articles for the Post Millennial National News.
Here are just a few of Jenn’s most popular pieces (click on the image to open article):

PiedPiperCOver copy



Activism: Jenn has been dedicated to getting Gender Ideology out of our schools, restoring parental rights, and protecting the rights of girls and women.
Jenn founded the SOGI 123 Liability and Accountability Project, which is dedicated to holding educators and officials responsible for the materials they are exposing children to.
Night light Iceland

Jenn has led rallies in Victoria against the teaching of Gender Ideology in schools (click on image for video):

Jenn Smith in front of the BC Legislature September 2018.

JennSchoolBoardAbby copy

Radio and TV Interviews:


banned21 copy
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Jenn has been interviewed many times, including recently on the Big Picture.

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