TWU Update: I have been actively blocked by Trinity Western University administration from doing my presentation on campus prior to the election. An application submitted by the Biblical Worldview Club at TWU that would have seen me present on campus on October 19th has been officially denied. Their justification is that I am a political activist, even though I am not a candidate, and my presentation does not advocate any particular candidates or parties. Do I have opinions regarding political matters? Of course I do, who doesn’t? If TWU is suggesting that nobody can present information at their university at election time if they have a political opinion related to an election issue, that is an extraordinarily bizarre and dangerous precedent that would exclude almost the entire population, not to mention put most of the faculty on sabbatical until after election time. Of course TWU has had speakers with political views at election time before, they are just discriminating against a particular political view in this case. Although, I would argue that my thesis is not primarily political in nature; it is fact founded and both morally and spiritually fueled.

I have spoken, including within the last week, in countless churches in British Columbia, all of which are governed by the same CRA guidelines that TWU is citing to justify censoring me, and yet those churches still felt that this information was suitable and appropriate for their congregations to hear.

This is a note that I sent to a member of The Faculty that I have been in discussions with:
“TWU is making a serious mistake in my opinion. They are withholding from Christians, or helping to withhold from Christians, important information that their government has not provided them with. They have been blitzed with non-stop government propaganda and one side of the story. My presentation does not promote any particular candidate. It is raw information and data, and includes an analysis of my own personal experiences as a transgender person.

The university is making a conscious decision to withhold information which would help Christians make an informed decision on Election Day, information they have NOT been given by our government. I do not tell people who to vote for. I just give them the information and my thesis. TWU is actually actively tilting the election in favor of the pro-SOGI forces by refusing to give their community the information that has thus-far been withheld from them. This is an act of political bias in favor of the pro-SOGI forces. I believe this is actually an act of political discrimination against myself as well; I am being discriminated against based solely on my position. I am not a candidate, I do not promote any candidates in my presentation, all I do is present information. This is a mistake.”

The excuse provided is, in my opinion, unacceptable. I have said that I do not and will not promote any particular candidates, I am not a candidate myself, and I am not a member of any political party or organization. I am an independent speaker. I offer important information regarding issues critical to society and which points to aspects of the SOGI 123 program that I believe threaten the Christian religion itself. This information is now being actively prohibited by TWU.

I would advise everybody to write the TWU president Bob Kuhn and express your disdain at this decision to deliberately withhold information from their community.
Email the president at:

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