By Jenn Smith.

Text of a letter sent to Herbert and Fleming:

Dear Mr.Fleming and Mr.Herbert,

As a transgender identified British Columbian I am very concerned about the dangerous game my government is playing with the lives of our young people. By promoting a confusing and frequently devastating life choice in schools, there is a very good chance many will end up being life-long pharmaceutical customers and suffer serious physical and psychological damage.

My opposition to this program is so strong that I recently organized the Free BC From SOGI 123 rally in front of the Legislature.


I have given countless talks opposing SOGI 123 around the province and am one of the leading voices.  I am university educated and come from the community you claim to be supporting. I thus regard myself as the perfect person to represent balanced opposition to SOGI 123.

I am very disturbed that you both are spreading false impressions in the legislature and in the media regarding opposition to SOGI 123. I think it is time your slanders were put to the test.

Therefore, it is in the interest of openness, balance, and honesty that I am challenging you both to a debate on the gender identity provisions (my area of interest and expertise) of the SOGI 123 program. I am more than happy to stand alone against both of you, with the provision you do not use earpieces or advisers, because as political proponents of this insane program you must have enough information on your own to handle logical opposition from persons such as myself.

I am university educated. You cannot say I am ignorant or do not know the rules of debate.

I am transgender. You cannot say I am transphobic.

I have lived much of my life as a bisexual. You cannot say I am homophobic.

I belong to no religion. You cannot say I am a religious bigot.

I was bullied viciously in school as a child. You cannot say I do not understand or appreciate marginalized children.

I am calling you both to the debate table. Two of you. One of me. We can arrange for an agreeable format and moderator.

I await your reply.


Jenn Smith

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