By Jenn Smith

Prior to last week’s trip to Vancouver Island, I notified our Minister of Education that I would be in Victoria all week and wanted to meet with him so I could discuss logical opposition to SOGI 123.

I have tried to make it clear to Mr.Fleming that opposition to this program has absolutely nothing to do with hatred or bigotry, which seems to be a concept he struggles with. I also invited him to attend one of my private church talks, and thus give him an opportunity to critique my information and grill me with questions.


I informed Mr. Fleming that I would be outside his office on Friday, September 28th at (Rev) 2:16pm. I suggested this might actually be the perfect time for us to meet and talk. But when we arrived at his office, we found the following sign had been placed on the door of his office:

Unfortunately, after warning neighbors that I and some of my friends would be there, the Minister and his staff apparently made a hasty exit.

They were in such a hurry to flee that they apparently could not even get the date correct on the notice. One must strongly suspect here that such fearful reactions might be triggered by some sort of deep-held transphobia. His neighbors were informed that we would be at his office — perhaps to give them a chance to flee my terrible trans claws as well — but, as usual, the public is much more tolerant than our government and they were very friendly, although completely oblivious to the details of SOGI 123.

Rather than agree to meet with me, Mr.Fleming apparently decided that I might prefer to meet with the Victoria Police instead, whom greeted us upon our arrival. While the officers were cordial, I felt that they just did not possess the clout necessary to influence public policy, at least not without the use of their truncheons, I thus abstained from trying to convince them. In any case, I decided to drop Mr.Fleming a note expressing my (as Morgane Oger would say) “sadness” at his decision to flee his office,

and then dropped it in his mail slot:

I will try again to meet with Rob Fleming, perhaps one of these days he will be interested in having an honest discussion with a transgender person that does not agree with SOGI 123.

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