I am asking everybody that has valued the work I have put into opposing the transgender craziness over the last year and a half to assist me in making my protest as big as possible. The other side is planning a counter-protest in Coquitlam. We need to outnumber them. So I am asking you all, as a favor to me, as a push back against the other side, that you send out my press release pasted at the bottom of this email to all your Christian-friendly or Christian-tolerant contacts, friends, etc, and let them know we need to get people on ferries and over to the island one week from today, September 29 at 11:05am. If we can produce a big crowd in Victoria of people willing to go out of their way to stand in front of our legislature, that will be a powerful message. Pack cars full, load up church buses, for the love of everything sacred I am asking we pull together and make this event big. WOMEN….are you opposed to the trampling of women’s/girls rights in SOGI 123? Then join us. Not to support Christianity, but to show opposition to SOGI 123 and protect young girls’ private spaces, programs, and sports! The weather looks like it will be beautiful. What a great getaway adventure right? Tour the legislature. Visit the Royal BC Museum. Victoria is beautiful in early fall. Come on everybody, help me out. Tell everybody, send notice out to your email lists. Tell other concerned people. Pack your car full!

Thank you so much for your attention,

Jenn Smith

PS: reserve your ferry tickets ahead of time if you can.

Press releases:

Information on SOGI 123:

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