September 16, 2018.

From: Jenn Smith, Independent Public Speaker,
To: Rob Fleming, BC Minister of Education

Dear Mr.Fleming.

By now you are probably aware of who I am, if not I am sure one of your advisers could tell you. I have given many public talks all across BC on the dangers of SOGI 123. I have spoken to thousands of people and continue to do so. My focus now is almost exclusively on the Christian community (even though I do not identify as Christian myself, but I do have a very powerful faith in God), in other words those that still value Truth and Divine moral imperative. Strangely, they remain one of the last segments of our society that still defends biological reality.

I am staging a protest against SOGI 123 in Victoria. I will be in Victoria on Friday September 28, but also in the area much of that week. I am requesting a meeting with you to talk about what it is I, those that work with me, and the many people that have heard me and support me have against your government’s resource package currently being used in our schools. I am giving talks in the morning and the evening in Victoria that day, but I have the afternoon open and would like to talk to you then. I will be traveling and networking with Chris McCay who is also heavily involved in this debate, if you like you could invite him too, although I am more than happy to meet with you one on one. I plan on arriving at your office on Friday the 28th at around (Rev) 2:16pm, so that might be a good time to meet.

As an alternative, I would also invite you to attend one of my talks. I am giving at least eight separate talks on the island that week with another two pending. You can come, listen and then critique my presentation on stage afterwards if you like, or question me in front of the audience from the floor, and I will be happy to respond. I will not however engage with any of your assistants. I do not debate professional sophists.

I thank you for your time and attention, and I invite you to view my protest/rally press release located here:

Please respond by the end of Tuesday September 18, after which I plan on going public with my request and letting people know whether our Minister of Education is interested in hearing what those I represent have against SOGI 123.


Jenn Smith

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