Christians have returned to the catacombs of Rome and are meeting again sub rosa, and I have joined them. But we will not stay there.

You can only keep the truth submerged for so long. Eventually the media, who has been ignoring myself particularly and ignoring or distorting our message generally, will have to deal with it head-on. We will keep on meeting sub rosa in one church after another, after another, after another ad nauseum.

We are coming out of the catacombs and into the light on the Feast of the Archangels, also known as the Feast of the Archangel Michael (aka Michaelmas), the traditional defender of the church who confronted and then defeated Satan.

When I planned this protest I did not know that September 29th was the Feast of the Archangels. It appears to have been the will of God that it fall on that day. Now I am not one to question the will of God, so I have made no attempt to reschedule.

This is a deep, urgent, and sincere calling to all Christians to rise up against an anti-Christian, anti-freedom, anti-woman, anti-reality, child destroying agenda. You do not have to be Christian to join us, all you have to do is feel the call to stand up with us against something that is wrong, and against a government and an activist element that is getting completely and totally out of control. If you cannot be in Victoria with us, then organize a solidarity protest in your town.

I will be there, my good friend Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson will be there, other special guests will be there.

So join us, Saturday September 29th, in Victoria, British Columbia, at 11:05 a.m. in front of the Parliament Buildings, and let’s give them a Michaelmas to remember.

Watch this.

If you’re coming by ferry, I recommend reserving your spot on the ferry ahead of time.

This is important people. This is a major call to stand and be counted. Will you respond? Or will you let it pass by?

Note: I am raising money to pay to get our speakers across on the ferry and also have security present, so if you would like to help with those costs, please go to my GoFundMe page here. And thank you to everybody for everything in advance.


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3 thoughts on “Free BC From SOGI 123 on the Feast of the Archangels, aka Michaelmas. September 29.

  1. Hi Jenn,
    It honestly is refreshing to hear from a person who themselves has transitioned from one gender to the opposite one from which they were originally.
    You of all folks know the damage (for lack of a better word) that the ideology of SOGI can do to minds that are already stressed from just learning in the school rooms of everyday.

    I applaud your stance as you and Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson hold firm this sic and twisted ideology that some school boards now feel the need to insert this neutral gentrification into minds that are possibly already confused with the regular curriculum.

    It is beyond me as to why some school boards cannot just teach the 3’R’s? Isn’t there more than enough to teach in the classroom by now adding SOGI related material into the equation?

    I am glad that you have hired security for Saturday’s rally in Victoria. Though I truly do hope that the other side will be civil and respectful without causing any harm?


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