In the wake of my essay/article on Morgane Oger, I was asked by somebody, or rather warned, that I better be “beyond reproach.” The implication there of course is that I am launching an unfair personal attack on Oger and that I had better be prepared for the same kind of scrutiny. Such statements are always of interest to me as in this debate I have been personally attacked countless times, threatened, and doxxed.

Let me just state for the record, my essay on Morgane Oger was not about “being beyond reproach.” I am interested in what people are doing now that affects society generally. I did not go into Oger’s personal life in regards to his family. His personal life is of little interest to me. I could care less what Oger is doing in his bedroom with transgender dominatrix and pro-prostitution activist Hailey Heartless, and frankly would rather not know … as I am sure everybody would probably rather not know what is going on in my bedroom. Fair enough. However, when Oger is out promoting the legalization of prostitution and at the same time promoting SOGI 123 in our schools and other sex positive stuff, that affects society and our children. Anything I do or say that affects society is fully open for debate as well.

In fact, it is when people like Oger say that you cannot publicly question their positions that we all have a very serious problem on our hands; one that is extraordinarily dangerous to freedom because it is currently being backed by draconian laws that almost every political leader in Canada is supporting (C16 was passed by a Liberal House and a Conservative senate). That should terrify everybody that loves freedom. I personally will not stop speaking truth to power, I will go to jail if Oger and his cultural fascist buddies want to charge me. What is happening in society today with the assault on reality and even the right to speak reality is the most dangerous thing I have seen emerge in my lifetime, and everybody better wake up really quick.

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