SOGI 123: An Assault on Common Sense and Traditional Values.

1. SOGI 123 is Optional.
Parents, families, and School Boards need to know that SOGI 123 is an optional not a mandatory resource:
( )
The only directive relating to LGBTQ policies in this regard was signed into force in 2016 by the BC Ministry of Education, but it only references codes of conduct:
( )
directiveIt has been suggested that implementation of SOGI 123 will help schools comply with this directive, but it is not necessary to do so. Many school trustees seem to be under the impression that the use of SOGI resources is mandatory, but this is incorrect. It is possible this misconception occurred because the government’s partnership with the ARC Foundation, whom created SOGI, was announced at the same time as the directive. The primary responsibility for teacher resources however still resides with individual School Boards:
( )


2. Males can now access previously female only private spaces.
SOGI 123 resources now advise teachers to permit male-bodied transgender youths to enter the girl’s washrooms and changerooms (and visa versa), for instance, at the swimming pool during physical education class when girls are changing out of their wet bathing suits. This is a violation of the right of girls to bodily privacy from males. The World Health Organization and other international organizations have long recognized the necessity of sex segregated facilities for females in order to reduce sexual harassment and assault.
Amnesty International has noted that female refugees in Europe felt unsafe and threatened because they did not have access to female only facilities. Amnesty had previously issued a notice on how to make schools safe for girls, which included providing sex segregated spaces. Meanwhile, in North America we are busy dismantling sex segregated spaces with negative results.

Here in BC, schools are claiming on the one hand that they want to protect girls from sexual harassment, but on the other hand they are opening up female private spaces to boys who claim to be girls. Transgender males could thus disrobe in front of young girls whether they like it or not, which seems to actually promote or facilitate sexual harassment rather than reduce it. Males do not become females simply by changing their clothes or the length of their hair, and they should not be permitted into female only private spaces.

From the BCTF/SOGI resource document The Gender Spectrum: What Educators Need to Know:


3. “Celebrating” gender change can lead to a life-long dependence on pharmaceutical medications and self-mutilation.
SOGI 123 includes materials that suggest changing genders is not only heroic and good, but that anybody who disagrees is a mean bigot (see for instance the book Jacob’s New Dress which is being used by the Vancouver School Board and is recommended as a SOGI Resource by the BCTF). But teaching boys that they can swap genders and live as girls or that girls can live as boys is a confusing and a very dangerous social experiment with serious potential consequences. It can and does in most instances lead to most of these youths medically transitioning, which typically means becoming life-long pharmaceutical customers and in many cases eventually having mutilating so-called “gender affirming” surgery, including what essentially constitutes the surgical removal of the male genitals and double mastectomies in girls.


Up to 65% of youths that are allowed to socially transition (begin dressing and acting as the opposite gender) will go on to medically transition. Schools are currently promoting literature that glorifies and normalizes such behavior. BCTF President Glen Hansman has even said that schools now treat gender change “in a way that is celebrated.” While many advocates are suggesting gender change prevents suicide, the longest and most comprehensive study of its kind showed that gender change does not reduce suicide and that transsexuals in fact had suicide rates nineteen times higher than the average population. Why would you want to encourage your child to enter this group? Furthermore, the best evidence shows that 80% of children that identify as the opposite gender will eventually grow out of it as long as their obsessions or delusions are not reinforced. This offers evidence to support the idea that gender transition, like alcohol or getting married, should be restricted to adults.

4. Males are now permitted to take part in female only sports.
Teachers are now encouraged to permit boys that identify as girls to play on teams and sporting events designated exclusively for females.

From the BCTF/SOGI resource document The Gender Spectrum: What Educators Need to Know:
This is clearly not fair as males have skeletal, muscular, and hormonal advantages over females. This has been known for a long time. There is no rule, for instance, preventing women from playing hockey in the NHL, they simply are not able to compete physically with men at the elite level.

While many transgender advocates are claiming there are no biological differences between men and women, such claims are patently ridiculous. A quick pound for pound analysis of men versus women in power-lifting gives a clear picture of the differences:


Further information:
( )

5. Gender ideology and religious freedom.
Freedom of religion is being trampled under foot by SOGI 123 and other similar programs. The state has decided they are to be the primary educator of children in regard to values, despite the fact principles 7 and 10 from the UN Declaration on the Rights of a Child specify that parents are the primary educators:
The teaching of Gender Ideology and the celebration of a radical LGBTQ lifestyle violates the religious and moral beliefs of many families. Many Christians do not agree that boys should live as girls and do not want this idea put in the heads of their children let alone “celebrated.” Teaching kids that it is hateful to disagree with gender transitioning may also subject children from religious homes to discrimination and charges of “bigotry,”  which would also violate the UN Declaration:
We promote a policy of neutrality in this regard. Neither promote nor discourage such behavior in schools. By promoting gender identity and sexual orientation schools are favoring one worldview over another; they are favoring a liberal sexual worldview over a more conservative, traditional, or naturalistic worldview.

6. Privacy and mental health. 
Schools now celebrate and glorify gender change. After confusing kids and perhaps leading them onto a path towards gender transition, they then prohibit parents from being made aware of this potentially devastating behavior. 18-SOGI-Privacy

Schools are now concealing important information from parents regarding gender dysphoria and sexual orientation. This is not only a violation of parental rights, but also a violation of the BC School Act.
Gender Dysphoria is a serious psychological condition (it is listed in the DSM 5) that can have devastating results in a child’s life including suicidal ideation. Parents thus should have a right to this information so they can seek appropriate and timely treatment. Withholding important mental health information such as this from parents constitutes a form of virtually criminal negligence. By celebrating gender change and then keeping information in this regard private from families, privacy walls related to mental health are being constructed between parents and their children that could ultimately prove fatal.

7. SOGI 123 is Being Promoted as an Anti-Bullying Program.
While government has suggested SOGI will reduce bullying, you do not need to promote radical LGBTQ worldviews in order to address bullying. All you need to do is tell students that it is not only unacceptable to bully anybody for any reason ever, but that it is also illegal to do so. A program done in conjunction with police could help clarify the seriousness of bullying. There is no reason to discuss gender or sexual orientation at all in this process, and doing so favors one group of bullied students over another.

8. Radical sexual behaviors are now being taught in schools.
SOGI 123 was developed in partnership with the ARC Foundation which funds the Out on Screen project and the Queer Film Festival which features gay pornography.  Such organizations should have no place in the education of children, and especially not children from religious families. The Out in Schools project, which was supposed to be about tolerance, has also linked kids to hardcore gay pornography. Sex education in schools has now digressed into a kind of sexual behavioral indoctrination, by introducing youths to radical sexual practices.

Only the basics of biology should be taught in school and at an age when that information is appropriate and required. The basics of biology and safe sex are very simple, and if kept this way will allow resources and time to be put into important topics such as trade and career development skills. All youths need to know are the basics of how our body works and that unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy and/or disease. Digressing into subjects such as anal sex is a violation of conservative family values and should be immediately brought to an end.

For more information please visit the Canadian Christian Lobby Website.

Or to contact us please email Chris:

9 thoughts on “SOGI 123: An Assault on Common Sense and Traditional Values.

  1. All as I can say is I am so glad my child is no longer in school. What is this world coming to. People have lost their minds. GOD made two genders male and female so that they could procreate and populate the world. It’s bad enough when two adults of the same gender lay together but to teach children as young as five they can be what ever gender they want that’s insane. Satan has polluted the minds of the LGBTQ and now the children. I have a Gay step brother and we love him and his partner all the same but we certainly don’t agree with it. “Oh JESUS please come soon”


  2. I’m really curious as to what is promoting governmental legislative or otherwise encouragement of Sogi. Most of the time my nose for following the money roots out agendas – but this one eludes me. It’s the backlash threat. Big Pharma’s profits don’t seem enough in itself.
    Also, with the full rainbow of politically correct advocacy groups, I find it hard to believe that programs like this would not run the gamut of immigrant outrage. Canada has an ever-growing population of fundamentalist attitude, and a lot of it is not necessarily Christian. What I’m getting at, is that many Canadian ethnic backgrounds would not support this at all. And yet, they are certainly protected by Canadian anti-prejudice laws, to voice their disagreement and displeasure most heartily.

    One other thing. We have an ever growing list of laws protecting children, among others, from all sorts of things sexual. So I ponder this: That any woman anywhere in Canada can express displeasure, concerns about any perceived threat, offensiveness, harassment, or mere aggression (in behavior or language) all relating back to anything presented her as remotely sexual. And this will be taken deadly seriously.
    So how can it possibly be that all of this – would not be fit to protect children from being exposed to rampant sexuality disguised as…….gender deconstruction?

    I’m going to get a little graphic here (pardon me.) I’m trying to wrap my head around the idea of a small boy (grade 1, 2) catching wind of some creeping idea visited upon himself by external forces inviting him to consider a socially sanctioned sexual persuasion that involves what the English vernacular referred to as buggery, better known here as sodomy. All for whom this works , I have nary a wit of naysay……
    but a little kid? Whose nose and curiosity takes him down the path of that discovery? I’m not talking about any real or imagined threat of physical abuse here. I’m just talking about a little kid wrestling with a concept he should not be presented with at that age.

    What I’m really getting at here – is how does any institution of instruction fashion and choreograph perfectly, just how these notions and ideas are supposed to be shaped within the minds of young children? And who will justly claim full responsibility, accountability and liability should the thing run foul? And in what ways foul? In this age of everyone compelled to play nice, what dark dreams result in a child’s slumber from the complete hypocrisy of other agendas?
    Those that would indoctrinate children for whatever purpose fits their agenda, should run straight in to the brick wall of all those who would protect their beloved children from a clear and present threat, and have no illusions about anything whatsoever which might sway them from that purpose.


    1. I believe we have social engineering going that is designed to break down traditional values and ultimately lead to social chaos. Social chaos of course is required for the establishment of newer more authoritarian states. Everything they are doing currently seems to be geared towards inevitable, massive social chaos and anger. We make be looking at an early megalomaniacal push towards Aldous Huxley’s “final revolution” that will involve the use of quasi-religious figures such as Jordan Peterson to serve as “the antidote to chaos” and bring order.


      1. I agree with the synopsis. Social chaos produced by social engineering for the purpose of promoting authoritarian control – reminds me a little of Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine. Only in this case, the chaos is artificially manufactured.
        I still have a strong hunch though, that perhaps their biggest mistake happens when they come for the kids. It is one thing for dysfunctional self-anointed “warriors” to show up in university. It is entirely another when this ideology shows up in daycare.
        So if the prime numbers are there, and people (parents) vote with their fear and anger, why would politics then not become the most useful tool?


  3. I am so thankful for you, Jenn, and for all of the valuable information on this site!!! A great resource!


  4. Hi;my name is Ray Surette and I heard a young lady at our church on sunday share about what is going on in our schools concerning sex education.she had some brochures on SOGI 123 and I think these brochures should be distributed to as many people as we can give them to.where can we get more of these?


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