By Jenn Smith.

What on earth would New Democratic Party Vice President Morgane Oger, the self-proclaimed “mother of two,” do without people that hold different views? As the Vice President of his party, we can safely assume that Oger is an example of the best and the brightest that the BC NDP has to offer. And yet Oger has some very strange ideas, such as the assertion that men are women (see below).




Oger’s views on this subject are so adamant that Oger ferociously pursues and legally intimidates people that question the truth of the claims, even though the assertion a man can be a woman was once considered prima facie absurd by virtually every human alive outside of insane asylums. In fact, Oger currently has one BC man (Bill Whatcott) up on charges of “hate speech” in the BC Human Rights Tribunal. But, alas, everywhere Oger turns Oger finds enemies of his Twilight Zone inspired alternate reality. Indeed, even the members of the truth-indifferent, fascist-friendly Tribunal that Morgane uses to silence and punish people that disagree with him have apparently offended Oger’s tenuous grasp on reality. Tribunal members made the serious error of noting the truth and facts: namely, that Oger was born male and fathered children. This outrage was too much to bear, Oger thus demanded the tribunal correct its language to conform to the new distorted perception of reality where men are women (see below).

DUVKUZvVoAAjqFp.jpg large

Whatever Oger’s intellectual shortcomings or psychological challenges, it would appear Morgane is struggling to make ends meet, and thus can be found these days shamelessly prostrating before various corporate interests in order to raise money for their newly created hate-fighting transgender rights foundation. Here (see below) we see Morgane posing to promote Lush Cosmetics, with the arrow and label above accurately identifying Oger’s current lot in life and proving once again that the Universe or God (your choice) has a synchronistic sense of humor:


Such corporate pandering, however, is apparently insufficient to support all of Oger’s activities, including anunusual thirst to promote all things salacious, such as transgender dominatrix sex worker Hailey Heartless.

Left is the apparently highly sought after “Hailey Heartless” and right is Morgane wearing a favorite tuque.
When not busy promoting transgender dominatrix Hailey Heartless (seen above), Morgane Oger busies himself denying that sex activism played any role in the creation of the SOGI 123 program, which Oger tirelessly promotes in BC schools.

Whatever Morgane’s financial needs, targeting the defenders of truth and reality is slowly becoming the well-spring from which Oger’s finances are flowing. Recently Oger created a foundation ostensibly to protect transgender rights, but which seems to focus much of its attention on alleged acts of “hatred” against transgender people, which presumably include the following:


By “misgendering” Oger means calling a man a man when he wants to be called woman (especially when he wants access to the Ladies change-room), and by “pathologization such as association with mental illness” he means the crime of referring to extensive research that shows that between 52% and 82% of transgender people have one or more DSM listed psychiatric conditions or personality disorders — Oger and their foundation are apparently bitterly opposed to such facts being discussed. Even I, as a transgender person that recognizes that psychological problems in my life clearly contributed to my identity, have been banned from discussing such inconvenient facts on national TV because of the activism of people like Morgane.

People that have been involved in the transgender debate a long time will know that many feminists have argued that a majority of MTF transgender activists are in fact extremely narcissistic. Perhaps in an attempt to refute this notion, Morgane humbly named his fledgling “rights” foundation “The Morgane Oger Foundation.”

As I pointed out in my previous article, with gender motivated hate crimes being as rare as people being struck by lightning, it becomes difficult to sell the public on the urgency of protecting against such hate, let alone asking them to donate money for that purpose. One must suspect that with such a dearth of hatred, Oger might be tempted at times to create some hatred in order to fatten up the bank account of his foundation.

There has been a suggestion that such faux hatred may have been involved in a highly dubious incident in Chilliwack that was reported by Oger’s friend and frequent side-kick Brad Dirks. Dirks regularly proudly proclaims that he is a living example that “love wins over hate,” meanwhile he continually insults and viciously attacks my identity and insists on calling me “just a crossdresser,” despite my pointing out I find it offensive and have repeatedly requested for him to stop doing so (that particular label was only used against me in my life as a slur to suggest I was a sick sexual deviant, which is of course why both Dirks and Oger use it against me all the time). With friends like Dirks, Oger does not need to seek out hate-mongers, see just needs to glance casually to his right.
Brad Dirks (left) and Morgane Ogre (right) pose heroically, giving the impression of a superhero and sidekick that pursue evil KKK and other transgender haters, if they can find them.

In any case, an incident occurred in Chilliwack in the wake of a protest against School Trustee Barry Neufeld, who was being publicly shamed by the “love and inclusion” crowd for suggesting schools should not be doing anything that could lead to children medically transitioning (a clearly heinous suggestion). The strange incident, reported by Dirks on Twiter, asks us to believe that usually bold and outrageous Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members, stealthily scattered leaflets onto residential lawns in the night and then fled the scene in terror the moment a curious retiree turned on a porch light. Such behavior of course is how all supremacists prove their supremacy … by acting like jittery, terrified rabbits. If the leaflets indeed came from the KKK, I doubt we have much to fear from this particular branch of the organization, as simply whispering “boo!” is likely to send them fleeing in terror.

Brad Dirks’ Twitter post describing the hateful leaflets that were scattered onto lawns of retirees in Chilliwack.
kkk rally
Above we see an American branch of the Ku Klux Klan who are not known for being timid, apologetic, or low profile. The Chilliwack branch of the KKK must be a much more timid version of the klan, preferring instead to act frightened nocturnal rabbits.

If we put the strange Chilliwack KKK event aside, hate crimes are indeed very rare in Canada, a problem that must concern groups that make money “battling” such hate. However, in an act of absolute devious brilliance, this problem seems to have been solved by people such as Oger by redefining certain kinds of truth as “hatred” (such as mental illness statistics and biological reality). If truth and reality can be recast as hatred, then there will be no end to the need for “hate”-battling groups such as Oger’s.

While statistics from Canadian police show that transgender people are seldom victims of hate crimes, if truth becomes hate then the world suddenly becomes very dangerous for transgender persons everywhere. And while Oger’s alliances with and promotion of policies favorable to cosmetic companies and big pharma may have limits, there is no limit to the amount of truth Oger can crack down on. In this regard Oger seems to have a particular penchant for harassing women that speak truth.

As a transgender male that is still firmly rooted in physical reality and not delusion, I have no need to prove to the world that I am not a man, because I know that I am a man. I don’t know if Oger’s focus on women is because of a deep felt a need to prove that they are not a man, or perhaps it is a result of some sort of deeply rooted misogyny, but in any case Oger has clearly developed a desire to target women with charges of “hate.”

One prominent case in point emerged in the wake of a recent women’s march in Vancouver. Oger and a group of philosophical devotees, quickly spotted a woman in the crowd displaying a “hateful” sign suggesting that (gasp) men are not women. While I have given Oger many opportunities to charge me with a hate crime for speaking such truths, Oger instead pushed past me and focused angry eyes on this woman instead, tweeting and Facebooking out a plea to track down and charge the evil woman as soon as possible.
DVr7w0AXUAIqtIs.jpg large.jpg

Unable to locate and charge the woman in the crowd, an unsettled Oger subsequently turned his attention to my friend Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson. Oger has relentlessly tried to portray Laura-Lynn as a hater and a transphobe, despite the fact that she and I have spent countless hours working together and she has never said a bad word about me — although she has suggested some of my skirts are too short. But in a world where truth is hate, Thompson’s suggestions that men are not women and that children should not be medically transitioned are both seen as acts of hatred by Morgane, thus Oger began sending her veiled and not so veiled threats such as the one below.


Disturbed by the fact that Laura-Lynn went to Robert Bateman School in Abbotsford to report on a number of students that had walked out of an Out In School‘s film because they said it was a waste of time and they resented being force-fed LGBTQ propaganda. Oger once again suggested Laura-Lynn was guilty of a criminal act.



To be fair, Oger’s disdain for truth is not limited to biological women only, whom we must assume threaten Oger’s identity. Morgane in fact has a track record of threatening other people that hold truth-based views contrary to his own as well. Many others speaking the truth on social media have found themselves having their employment threatened.


Oger’s gleeful sidekick Brad Dirks too has advocated boycotting businesses that are owned by somebody that does not support child transition or the teaching of gender ideology in schools, which they conflate with being “against the LGBTQ+ community.”

Brad Dirks is not related to Christian researcher Paul Dirks.

While he has not yet actually charged me with a crime, even other transgender identified adults such as myself are not entirely safe from Oger’s unbridled wrath.



One of Oger’s followers took his hero’s lead in this regard and also suggested I would soon be dragged before the BC Human Rights Tribunal.

23659148_821829757991100_1069024050835576662_n copy

After threatening and intimidating myself and others, Oger then began warning the world about hateful bogeymen (or women, or who knows anymore), such as Laura-Lynn, a mother of three, whom Oger magically transforms into a kind of fearsome deathcamp-building hater, apparently because she does not think children should be turned into lifelong pharmaceutical customers. Then, after conjuring up an image of the diminutive Laura-Lynn as a three-headed Medussa of hate, Oger goes on to use these newly created symbols of “hate” to generate funds for the humbly named Morgane Oger Foundation.



It is unclear at this stage just how much money was subsequently donated in order to thwart Laura-Lynn’s transphobic reign of terror. Whatever the amount, let us all hope it was enough to prevent Morgane from having to promote products for Victoria’s Secret or La Senza.

In any case, as long as the NDP party and other politicians continue to allow this bizarre assault on freedom and reality, we can expect Morgane to have a long and prosperous future perpetually battling “hate.”

The tale of Morgane Oger is a strange one to be sure. I have in this article endeavored to treat Oger as somebody that is actually sane, which, since he is the Vice President of the NDP, I must assume. This assumption however requires me to conclude that Oger is either deliberately deceptive or extraordinarily confused, because despite being born male and fathering children Oger now denies the reality of having been born male. This used to be grounds for some quality time in a psychiatric ward, but it is now apparently grounds for being the VP of the ruling party in British Columbia.

The philosopher Thomas Hobbes once characterized life in a state of nature as being “nasty, brutish, and short.” In a state of delusion or lies, the truth can serve a similarly brutal role. If anything I have written here seems cruel or offensive to you, it is only because in the face of the lies and delusions being perpetuated today, the truth will seem naturally offensive and cruel to those that seek to escape its powerfully disillusioning jaws. But whether we are talking about man confronting nature or truth confronting lies, the hard facts of reality are indifferent to our feelings, and this is as it must be. In either case you ignore the truth at your own peril.

Despite my whimsical approach in this essay,  in reality none of this is funny. We currently have men being put into women’s prisons in Canada as a direct result of men such as Oger claiming they are women, and despite the fact the majority of these men still have their male genitalia intact. This constitutes an egregious assault on women and must be opposed. Opposition must begin by reclaiming the language and not allowing men like Oger to invert reality, claiming to be a woman, and demanding all the rights and privileges of natal females.

Black’s Law Dictionary makes it quite clear: a woman is an adult female. It is the only single word in our language that identifies an adult female, and it is arguably the most important word in our language. All laws and regulations designed to specifically protect women from sexual assault and other violations of their rights, are based upon a clear understanding of what the word “woman” means. If men can be women you not only destroy the meaning of the word, you destroy the efficacy of the laws designed to protect them. I am not and can never be a woman. Transgender identified natal males like Oger and myself need to accept the truth, accept the reality, that we are men. We can dress and live as we like, just as Boy George did when I was young, but we can never be women.

Despite all his short-comings, singer BOY George had it right so many years ago. He expressed as he liked, but never claimed to be a woman.

Further, what we are seeing with Oger and others of his ilk is not only an assault on the right to speak truth, but also a highly disturbing and concurrent totalitarian move into our schools, where they are busy brainwashing children into believing their warped version of reality, which is virtually indistinguishable from some of the wildest religions known to man. Oger has said that children must be protected against their parents where sexual orientation and gender identity are concerned. They are engaging in what I call “cultural fascism,” an authoritarian push to brainwash children into accepting their deranged ideology. I am as tolerant as anybody when it comes to the great diversity of beliefs in our society, but what none of us should tolerate is any public body or representative trampling the right to speak truth or forcing their beliefs into the minds of children.

There are few things that have occurred in the last half century or so that should be more disturbing to everybody that loves freedom of speech, religion, and conscience. I thus believe it is incumbent upon myself and other freedom lovers to stubbornly speak and write truth to power no matter what it costs.

This photo was taken on March 14, 2018, after a speaking engagement on Vancouver Island. Transgender identified writer and Anti-SOGI activist Jenn Smith is on the left, and on the right is the fearsome TV Hostess Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson.

16 thoughts on “The Curious Case of the Reality Denying Oger; or, How to Succeed in the Business of Cultural Fascism

  1. Great read Jenn! Once again… you nailed it. I would like to hear Morgane’s story. Obviously, there is a lot of brokenness in his background.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Well written Jenn,
    Once again you show your wit, and your humor, whilel stating some important truths, and being quite kind, considering all the horrific abuse, threats, and ugliness you have endured for standing up for truth!!

    Liked by 7 people

  3. I think that everyone that is born male and claims to be female and vice VERSA should have to prove they are by DNA Testing & physical , & psychological testing. That would ease a lot of confusion.

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Love the wit & satire you use to get your point across. Sometimes people don’t like to hear or stand-up for the truth as it reminds them of their own moments of weakness & fear & not standing up for truth when the opportunity arose. I know I have been guilty of this in the past, however today I am encouraged & strengthened by your honesty & willingness to stand up for our freedoms along with Laura-Lynn’s role modeling and courageous honesty to keep our children safe. I’m hoping I too will be willing to stand-up and speak-up for truth & not just standby as a hopeless & helpless victim. I hope I will put on the flu armour of God & fight for truth & for women & children.
    Thanks again Jenn.

    Liked by 5 people

  5. Thank you Jenn for your tireless work to keep freedom of speech and truth alive! You’re doing a great job and a lot of women and trans identified men and women appreciate your clarity and passion. xo ❤

    Liked by 6 people

  6. Thank you ,Jenn, for your careful exposure of the ridiculous sex fraud being perpetrated by this gender pretender. I’ve enjoyed your videos with Laua Lynne, and those should get wider viewing! Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Oh my!! What an interesting video – thanks for posting that. What a disgusting creep. He looked like he was going to eat Laura Lynn’s face! LOL

      Liked by 2 people

  7. Actually, the famous free speech activist Lindsay Shepard defended Morgane Oger in the case against Bill Whatcott , whom she called “not a good person” who harassed Oger. Any thoughts on that?


    1. I am not Lindsay’s number one fan. Like Jordan Peterson, her defense of free speech is weak. I do not like much of anything Whatcott says, but I defend his right to say it. Traditionally, there are only two universally accepted limitations on free speech, and both involve targeting a specific individual. One is calls for actual violence, which is a crime “uttering a threat,” because it is a form of terrorism. The second is false information deliberately designed to cause a particular individual harm. You cannot, for instance, go around saying somebody is a pedophile when they are not because that will cause them real harm in terms of their ability to survive/earn a living. Whatcott’s comments were insulting, but he is his own worst enemy. Although saying a man is not a woman should not even be considered an insult let alone a crime. I heard her comments about Whatcott and thought they were rather disingenuous because Whatcott may be a lot of things, but dangerous is not one of them, which was what she seemed to imply justified the ruling against Whatcott..

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