By Jenn Smith.

(Written in reply to this article)

Brad Dirks, the “Smokey the Bear” of all things LGBTQ, has clearly eaten his Caitlyn Jenner-box Wheaties and is on the loose again seeking to warn Langley business owners that bigoted lightning may strike at any moment. Saying to business owners in his gruff bear voice “only you can prevent hate crimes,” Dirks and his band of merry followers are strongly encouraging Langley businesses to put up propaganda signs in their shop windows to scare away the legion of hate criminals that normally stalk the streets of Langley terrifying and bullying anybody that wears pink.

No doubt, many of these businesses were previously very intolerant of LGBTQ people. Their callous indifference to hate crimes in the past of course resulted in all LGBTQ people being too scared to walk into a business that did not officially state support for LGBTQ. In fact, we have reports of transgender persons such as myself starving outside grocery stores because they were too scared to go in. While somebody’s home was being invaded by masked bandits and a woman sexually assaulted in a washroom, Langley police dispatched a smiling officer from their over-burdened staff to help and presumably guard Dirks from the hate mongers that hide behind every telephone pole in the city. Thanks to Smokey the Dirks, bigoted Langley shop owners are now reluctantly contemplating taking down their confederate flags and swastikas, telling their employees KKK hoods are no longer acceptable attire, and will be putting up signs to ward off hate.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the latest stats we had from police in Canada regarding hate crimes (in a nation of 35 million) showed an annual total of 186 “hate crimes” based on sexual orientation or gender identity, with 120 of those involving violence, and with 40 or so involving “serious violence.” To put this “epidemic of hatred” in perspective, environment Canada reports an average of 174 people struck by lightning each year in Canada, with almost all of those being very serious in nature. Thus, it would seem those worried about hate crimes in Langley should also regard this threat from above just as seriously, maybe even more so. By Dirks’ admittedly very, very liberal standards, we must also conclude that we are having an epidemic of lightning assaults on Canadians too, although admittedly it is not clear how many lightning strikes specifically target LGBTQ people — but we can be sure that queen of all bigots, Mother Nature, whom stubbornly refuses to recognize men as women, is no doubt specifically targeting trans people and other members of the LGBTQ community.

We can only hope Brad Dirks and his merry band of social justice warrior, virtue signalers, will start plastering stores with lightning advisories too so people will know to wear rubber boots and rubber hats when they go out from now on, and that Langley businesses will offer them shelter from the equal threat of lightning and hate crimes.

Meanwhile, back in the real world again, 186 hate crimes against LGBTQ were reported in Canada in one year, and we now have signs going up everywhere to protect them, with full support from Langley police, despite the fact these events are as rare as being struck by lightning. At the same time, 460,000 Canadian women were sexually assaulted in one year. Women thus really are running for their lives in huge numbers, but no posters or safe zones are being established in Langley in response, in fact their safe places are being stolen and have now been opened up to men by Bill C16, thanks to the advocacy of people such as Brad Dirks and the silence of Langley police. That valuable and increasingly scarce public and police resources should be dedicated to this campaign when they could be much better utilized elsewhere, speaks to the political power of LGBTQ activists, whom are essentially engaged in a shaming program designed to remind business owners that anybody that does not subscribe to LGBTQ hyperbole will be under suspicion.

20 thoughts on “Beware of LGBTQ Lightning Strikes in Langley. Rubber Boots and Rubber Hats Advisory in Place.

  1. WOW! Thank you Jenn SO MUCH for standing up for women and trying to put some humour (and a reality check) into a hysteria-inducing pogrom. The numbers are very helpful and the tongue-in-cheek delivery is a much needed bit of levity in this seriously misogynist and homophobic society.

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  2. Sure there are many problems in our society. That doesn’t mean we should avoid dealing with an issue because the numbers aren’t as big. What’s next? Should we also solve the problems alphabetically?
    Those are the same type of people who think we should stop sending probes into space because there is poverty.
    We’re grown up, we can handle more than one issue at the time. The trans have their champion, we should encourage more people like Brad, and have champions for all sorts of societal ailments.
    This kind of article is just the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot

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    1. It is an absurd waste of resources, AND it is about shaming too. Getting business owners to submit to the LGBTQ will or be officially marked as LGBTQ unfriendly. This is just another power play.

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  3. I am confused by how you self identify, Jenn. You identify as a transgender male, yet the gender you were assigned at birth was male. How does this make you transgender male? Are you then a transvestite?? Just trying to clarify as you legitimize your authority on the issues by stating you are a transgender male???


    1. You need to do a little research before you make comments like this. I would suggest you visit any major Transgender Advocacy group and see how they interpret transgender. The, for instance, defines it thus: “Transgender- The term “transgender” is usually an umbrella term that refers to crossdressers and transvestites, transsexuals, drag queens and kings, intersexuals, gender dysphorics, feminine males, masculine females, those who don’t wish to be labeled, and anyone who challenges traditional gender and sex definitions.” Add to that bigender, transqueer, two-spirit, on and on (63+ according to New York state). The point is that you express as the opposite gender as part of your identity. I actually AM transgender and have been since long before the term even began being used (circa 1973). Don’t like it? Too bad.

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  4. The author of this article, Jenn Smith, clearly did not “fact check” anything before publishing lies about me, and what the Safe Place program is, and why it is launching in B.C.

    The Safe Place program migrated North from Seattle to Vancouver, where Cst. Dale Quiring launched it in Canada. This program was created in response to the higher than average harassment, bullying, abuse and discrimination that LGBTQ2+ people face on a regular basis, in schools, and public places.

    In B.C., the RCMP’s “E Division” approved this program to roll our province-wide, at all RCMP detachments. I heard about this program in late 2017, and met with Dale Quiring, with the intention of learning more about this program. I have a transgender teenage son, and he and my family face regular harassment in our community and online from anti-LGBTQ2+ individuals.

    When I learned that the Safe Place was approved, I communicated my support to my local RCMP detachment in Langley. Knowing that there would be “backlash” from the usual anti-LGBTQ2+ people who live in my community, Stacey and I made a point of standing up and showing our support to the RCMP. I wish I lived in a community and society where programs like Safe Place weren’t needed, but we’re not there yet. But, with education, inclusion in schools and our community, I believe we’ll get there some day soon.


    1. I keep asking you list the lies in this article. Please do so, with reference please to the original Surrey Now-Leader article which I commented on and which states “Langley residents and police are teaming up to help create local safe spaces for LGBTQ residents.
      Local parents Stacey Wakelin and Brad Dirks are pushing for the Safe Place program to be implemented in Langley, and they’re already finding a receptive audience with local RCMP.”
      If you read my article you will note it is an attack on an absurd waste of resources for events that are as common as lightning strikes. Now do please list the lies. You are your ilk would have us believe LGBTQ are constantly fleeing tormentors in the streets, but that is what we call “self-perpetuation”, it helps keep your nonsense relevant and justify your quasi-fascist attempt to silence people like Barry Neufeld and promote programs that trample under foot all values but your own.

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    2. As Jenn has explained on multiple occasions, as a transgender person and also a male-bodied person he does *not* risk his health and safety every time he uses a mens restroom. Opening up womens private places which include battered womens shelters and change-rooms to any man who can simply claim to be transgender is dangerous and we will not stand for it! There is already a growing trend of sex criminals taking advantage of this, as documented –

      This is all so ridiculous because third world countries are still fighting for women and girls to have rights to privacy, and yet here in the west those rights are being stolen from us! Everyone needs to be made aware of this and everyone should be outraged! It will take a lot more people waking up to this issue to stop this deplorable, dystopic agenda!

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      1. Personally I would like places to be that safe for women who actually are in danger every day but we don’t count ’cause we’re not important and are also not flavour of the day.

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      2. Hi, I’m sorry but after reading ALLLLLLLLLLLL of your responses, I feel the need to voice my opinion. “WOMEN & CHILDREN”, will ALWAYS BE MORE VULNERABLE because ANY “MAN/WOMAN” with BAD INTENTIONS, could CASUALLY enter ANY AREA of our “PRIVACY/SAFE AREAS”, when they are ABUSING THE LAW using the “GUISE”, of “Gender identity & non conforming, fluid, etc, etc”! (That law, HAS OPENED PANDORA’S BOX & BIOLOGICAL WOMEN AND LITTLE GIRLS, who “HAVEN” made a decision, to ALL of a sudden, decide to be “A DIFFERENT IDENTITY”, are THE MOST VULNERABLE, DUE TO “THE SEX ORGANS THEY WERE BORN WITH”, which is TRULY what’s “ON” the menu, for “ANYONE WITH A MALE SEX ORGAN FROM BIRTH, TO DESIRE TO PHOTOGRAPH AND OR PENETRATE THEM, WHILE IN THE BATHROOM OR CHANGING AREA, from which they have gone to, THEIR ENTIRE LIVES, without ANY FEARS OF ANYONE, “WITH A MALE SEX ORGASM”, TO BE ALLOWED INTO THEIR PRIVATE/SAFE SPACES!?

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  5. By attacking brad in the way you did proves the point there are hateful people out there.
    Thanks for helping us prove our point that’s safe spaces are needed in all communities


  6. What’s funny is that you didn’t even take the time to understand what the Safe Space Initiative is 😂. It’s a program started by the RCMP and is approved across the province. And it’s more like a block watch program than what you’re describing. This post is ridiculous, you just want to find ways to dig at Brad. All he did was help roll it out in Langley. It’s been rolled out in other cities already and is continuing to be rolled out everywhere.


    1. What is funny is you did not even read the article my satire was commenting on. Are you denying it is to turn businesses into safe spaces for frightened LGBTQ people? The article states “Local parents Stacey Wakelin and Brad Dirks are pushing for the Safe Place program to be implemented in Langley, and they’re already finding a receptive audience with local RCMP.” From my perspective, it does not matter where the program came from. It is a waste of tax dollars and resources. and Dirks is the champion of all kinds of intrusive garbage like this.

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