Banned/Censored in Canada~~ A transgender person is forbidden from discussing transgender issues! The Final And Most Compelling Part 3 with Jenn Smith Here is my Interview with transgender identified male Jenn Smith, in which Jenn exposes government lies and deception, and discusses the need for Christians to stand up and fight back against SOGI 123 and other similar programs across Canada and the world that are busy trampling the rights and beliefs of anybody that disagrees. Jenn believes that what we are seeing with SOGi and the transgender agenda constitutes not only a massive social engineering project, but also the biggest threat to Christianity in modern history. “If SOGI is allowed to continue,” Jenn wrote recently, “it will put an ideological wedge between children and their parents.Traditional Christian values regarding sexual conduct and even basic biological notions such as the fact men cannot be women, will all be undermined. Children will learn that Christian values are archaic, that men can be women, that boys can change with girls at school, that sodomy is good and fine, and that their Christian parents that have different beliefs are therefore bigots. This attack on the minds of children and the division it will cause in families virtually assures a large portion of the next generation will reject Christian values completely and perhaps their parents as well.” This is the final installment of our interview that Vision TV refused to broadcast in Canada, claiming that it was or might be offensive to transgender people, and is the most important installment for the people of BC and for Christians everywhere. Other segments of this interview are available here: Part 1:…. Part 2:…. Jenn’s links: Facebook: Major Essays:…/……/… Email:

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