Part two video is located here, I discuss social engineering.
Banned from National TV in Canada! Part two of my interview with controversial blogger and activist Jenn Smith, who is a transgender identified male that believes transgender activism constitutes a threat to freedom. This interview was banned from being broadcast on National TV here in Canada because Jenn’s views were said to be “offensive” to trans people such as Jenn. If that is not ironic enough for you, Jenn’s views, which align with the views of many and maybe even most Christians, were censored by a network that specializes in programming designed for the faith community. If you have been trying to understand what all this transgender craziness is all about, sit back and enjoy this interview, because Jenn has some ideas that will both fascinate and maybe even frighten you. By frighten I mean that Jenn implies that what we are seeing is a massive international social engineering project which appears to be designed to create chaos and destroy traditional values. See part one of our interview here:…. Jenn has degrees in History and political science and focused his studies on propaganda and other methods of mass mind manipulation by governments. You can find Jenn Smith on Twitter or on Facebook. Jenn also has a blog with several essays on this topic, including his very popular essay “Synanon, the Brainwashing “Game” and Modern Transgender Activism: The Orwellian Implications of Transgender Politics” located here on his blog: The other essay referred to in this interview is “The Teen-Transgender Peer Pressure Time-Bomb” and is located here:


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