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I am releasing today a special web-only edition of what has become a three part video interview with transgender identified male Jenn Smith, whom many of you will know is a very vocal local opponent of what he calls the anti-democratic “trans agenda.” I originally intended this interview to be shown as part of my national television program “Laura-Lynn and Friends” here in Canada, but was subsequently told by Vision TV officials that I would not be allowed to do so because Jenn’s views, as a transgender person, might be considered offensive to the transgender community and thus to persons such as himself. So we are now at a point where even transgender people themselves are not allowed to say anything that goes against the radical LGBTQ activist trans narrative, which is being pushed aggressively into our schools by persons such as Glen Hansman (via is perch on top of the BC Teachers Federation) and our Education Minister Rob Fleming. Fear of offending the protest-prone LGBTQ bullies has made free speech today almost impossible. It has gotten so bad that even a faith-based and focused television network is afraid to telecast ideas that align with Christian beliefs and values. The LGBTQ community is thus dictating to the faith-based community what it can or cannot say. This is insanity, this is offensive and discriminatory, and it is not a problem unique to Canada, it is happening everywhere in the Western world all at once. It is time we, especially Christians, began standing up for our right to speak what we believe, and present the views of people such as Jenn that hold views which align with our own. Please enjoy part one of our talk, I think what he has to say is very important, and stay tuned for parts two and three.

YouTube version:

You can find Jenn Smith on Twitter or on Facebook.


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